Ron Wilson “Sunrise in the Flint Hills”

(Ron) I love the Flint Hills region and the Flint Hills can be beautiful, especially at sunrise and especially on horseback. This poem is entitled, “Sunrise in the Flint Hills.” Part One. I was grumpy cause I started in the dark before dawn, griping to my wife while I put my hat and work clothes on. But there’s little time to complain, I need an early start. I saddled up the horse and was ready to depart. I rode down the gravel road. The sky lightened in the east. I needed to check cattle so I was looking for the beast. We went in the pasture gate headed up the old dirt road. As we came up the hill, the days first sun bean showed. I rode on up the hill until I made it to the top. You can see a lot from there, so I reigned up to a stop. The skies parted before me with the early light of dawn. God revealed new creation for my eyes to feast upon. A world unmolested and pristine. My heart turned happy with the new day I had seen. The sunlight totally spread across the ridges and the rills, I was witness to a miracle, sunrise in the Flint Hills. Part Two. The Flint Hills of Kansas are the world’s best for grass. When it comes to raising beef this regions world class. These hills are productive, for raising cattle they’re just right. And in the early part of day, they’re also a pretty sight. The dew on the blue stem made a shimmer and a glow as the sun cast its rays on the new world below. Sunbeams on the horizon made the glass illuminate. The vista was magnificent, the panorama great. I forgot about my cares and my problems and the bills. As I viewed the awesome beauty, sunrise in the Flint Hills. Part Three, the conclusion. This is the prettiest sight that I have ever saw. Then I saw some movement from straight across the draw. In the warm and glowing light to my eyes it was revealed, a white faced cow looking back across the grassy field. I could see that Mama cow then another, then some more. It was the herd of cows that I was looking for. I could see the big herd bull, but what was even better luck, I could see a newborn calf as it stood to stretch and suck. I love to see a baby calf, paired with a Mother cow. Could anything be prettier, than what I see right now? I’ll get a head count on these cattle, but it can wait until later. Right now I’ll just enjoy the handiwork of our creator. There’ll be no more complaining, for I have known the thrills, of seeing God’s own hand at work, at sunrise in the Flint Hills. Happy Trails.