AK Picnic Part 2

(Frank) You know a lot of movies have been made in the state of Kansas. But one that I am particularly fond of is the movie Picnic. And it was filmed 60 years ago in May of 1955. And I had just moved to Topeka, when that movie was filmed. But I also found a whole lot of trivia about that movie. In fact, one of them, it was one of the first roles that Kim Novak played. And she was supposed to be a young girl in the town and she played opposite, of course a guy that was 37 years old. (Deb) William Holden, heartthrob. (Frank) So, anyway we’re going to do a whole bunch of stories on the trivia around the filming of the movie Picnic in Kansas back in 1955. (Deb) Love it, love it. (Frank) OK, I’m going to continue my stories about the movie Picnic of course, which was filmed in Kansas 60 years ago in May of 1955. An interesting note about the movie is that William Holden, one of the stars, didn’t want to do the dance sequence with Kim Novak, fearing it would make him look foolish. He told costar Cliff Robertson, I just don’t know how to dance, hoping to persuade the studio to cut the dance scene. Holden insisted on being paid an $8,000 dollar stunt man premium. To his surprise, the studio paid up and Holden was forced to do the dance scene, although he was allowed to do it under the influence of alcohol. In that scene he was actually intoxicated and it still remains one of the four movies that he ever danced in. So when you see the movie and you see that wonderful dance scene between William Holden and Kim Novak, now you know, as Paul Harvey used to put it, the rest of the story.