Around Kansas Flying W Ranch

(Frank) Good morning, I’m Frank Chaffin and this is Around Kansas. How would you like to be a cowboy or a cowgirl for a day or a few days? Well guess what? You can do that and that can be at the Flying W Ranch of the Flint Hills. That’s right, right here in Kansas. You see the Flying W is a 7,000 acre working ranch nestled in the Cottonwood River Valley in Chase County with 50 horses, 450 cow/calf pairs, 2,000 head of cattle. It’s a real working ranch. Now, the Flying W’s been welcoming guests for many years. Guests can experience the cowboy lifestyle with horseback riding, cattle drives, wagon rides, wildflower walks, stargazing, fishing and hiking all in the beautiful, open skies of the gorgeous Kansas Flint Hills. Now horseback riding is a truly wonderful experience. Horses they have are for any riding experience. You could like one that kind of plods along, that’s OK. If you want to kind of get lifted a little bit. What they do is they match your riding skills and the horse. And then you’re off through the tall grass, the rolling hills and valleys by tree lined creeks and breath taking vistas. Now, again this is the horseback rides at the Flying W and not your typical in the line, OK let’s go ride the horse. This is horseback riding like it was meant to be. You’re spread out across the prairie, you’re just really enjoying the open skies and the beautiful, beautiful Flint Hills. One can even participate in a cattle drive, if one wishes. And there’s food, you betcha. There’s chuck wagon food, there’s camp fire food, picnic lunches and even gourmet dining. Yep, on the ranch. So, you wanna stay awhile? You can do that too. Check into the bunk house, the lodge or the cabin. And there are a lot of events all throughout the year as well. Now you can get lots more information online. Just go on line and look for Flint Hills Flying W Ranch, OK? You’ll find it and then you can find out all of the pricing and all of that information. It’s worth it and believe me you’ll have a lot of fun. Another great experience for you Around Kansas.