Author and Screenwriter Esther Lutrell

(Frank) Hello. I thought you were going to go first. [Laughter] (Deb) You never let me go first. Why should I think I was going first? (Frank) I don’t know. I was just sleeping. (Deb) He never lets me first. (Frank) I’m suffering from hay fever today, so excuse me I’m going to take a nap. (Deb) Yes. Excuses, excuses. He never lets me go first, does he? Anyway, speaking of equal rights for women, our next topic, Esther Luttrell, our dear friend, a good friend to Frank and me both. Esther, so multi-talented and she has written so many novels that use people we know and places we know for settings. So we’ve both been included in that, haven’t we Frank? (Deb) WREN radio has figured prominently? (Frank) WREN radio was, in one of her novels, which is a murder mystery that takes place in the NOTO Arts District where the WREN studio is and it involves WREN’s staff members and all that. None of us was the murderer. (Deb) No, but I was the intended murderee, murdered in absentia. (Frank) Yes, that’s right. (Deb) Yes I was the one in Magenta who was the intended murderee and survived to show up in another novel. I was a thinly disguised as beloved radio talk show host, Deb Goodman. [Laughter] (Frank) Yes. Deb Goodman. [Laughter] (Deb) But our friend Esther has just taken it to new levels in the month September. We’re so proud of her, so proud of her. (Frank) September was a big month for our friend, Esther Luttrell. The accomplished author who makes her home in Topeka was the screenwriter for a film that premiered in Oklahoma, Te Ata; and her book, Evidence of God was released. We think our viewers will be interested in both projects! Te Ata is based on the inspiring, true story of Mary Thompson Fisher, a woman who traversed cultural barriers to become one of the greatest Native American performers of all time. Born in Indian Territory, and raised on the songs and stories of her Chickasaw tribe, Te Ata’s journey to find her true calling led her through isolation, discovery, love and a stage career that culminated in performances for a United States President, European royalty and audiences across the world. Yet, of all the stories she shared, none are more inspiring than her own. Esther spent months researching this remarkable life, finding details that bring Te Ata to life on screen. Throughout her career, Esther has worked with and counted among her friends and coworkers some of the most important names in the entertainment industry. She has also known great personal tragedy and has found healing in her writing. In sharing her own stories of loss and inspiration, she found other stories, experiences of faith, and from these, Esther has found Evidence of God. This is not a “preachy” book; it is a book of compassion and insight, and much comfort. The world is a richer place because of Esther’s life and work.