Bazaar Cattle Pens

(Frank) We’re back again. These people are going to think we’ve been into the champagne or something. (Deb) Already. I know, I know. We’re celebrating a little early today. (Frank) But why not. You know, the English language is so much fun and I’m gonna talk about words that sound the same, bazaar and bizarre. And bizarre and then the other one bazaar. So bizarre. Anyway, so we’re gonna talk about a place that’s bazaar, but it’s not bizarre, it’s bazaar. No we’ve been bizarre. Now we’re going to go to Bazaar. Yea. (Frank) And I didn’t know this was here either til I did the story. (Deb) It’s just amazing. You know we’re talking about Bazaar Cattle Fence along the Turnpike. And Michael Goehring, our handsome camera boy, we call him Hollywood because he’s so pretty. We stopped there on the way down to do something one day. No matter what time of year, no matter what is going on, whether it’s burning the Flint Hills, just a pretty spring day, or the Harvest moon in the fall, that is the most beautiful spot in the Flint Hills. You’ve just got nothing but the Flint Hills, you know, and cows. That’s it. You know, it’s gorgeous. (Frank) Cows are beautiful. (Deb) It’s gorgeous. So, yea and the Turnpike is a wonderful road. It’s a wonderful road. We advocate getting off the highway all the time, but if you’ve got to be on the highway, it’s a wonderful road. (Frank) Yea, it really is. (Deb) It’s beautiful and what a scenic piece of highway that is. (Frank) And 75 miles an hour. (Deb) Yea, none the less, you’re riding with Heather and then it’s 85 miles an hour or something. (Frank) But the Kansas Turnpike is also beginning to now identify places that you can stop. And they do it with enough time so you can slow down. I’m sorry. (Deb) Good plan, good plan. (Frank) It’s almost New Year’s Eve. (Deb) Yes, it’s almost New Year’s. Probably wait til the New Year to do that, get out and do any traveling. (Frank) OK. Let’s hear about Bazaar. When you just have to arrive quickly, the Kansas Turnpike is a safe, smooth, scenic ride. One of the most popular sites is the Bazaar Cattle Pens, 16 miles southwest of Emporia and 60 miles northeast of Wichita at mile marker 111. If you take this exit, you will find cattle pens, and a spectacular view of contented cows grazing. You will not find the Chase County township of Bazaar itself, founded in 1857 between Cottonwood Falls and Matfield Green. To get to the real Bazaar, you must venture off the Turnpike, but that is a story for another day. Earlier this month, a groundbreaking was held at the Bazaar Cattle Pens. Plans call for improvements to the popular scenic overlook, just one piece of improvements all along the highway. Turnpike CEO Steve Hewitt told the Emporia Gazette staff that the Kansas Turnpike Authority was increasing public outreach efforts. He said that the agency would like for customers to know that projects are upcoming rather than just finding out about a project as they drive by. “We want people to know we are in the process of doing projects, not just all of a sudden the project is in their lap,” Hewitt said. Hewitt stressed the importance of keeping the public informed on how their dollars are being spent. There are a number of ways for KTA customers to receive communication updates regarding travel and upcoming projects. KTA maintains an up to date website at Website visitors can sign up for KTA alerts sent via email and text message. Additionally, Twitter updates from KTA can be received by following @KansasTurnpike.