Birth of a Breed

((Ron Wilson) Kansas was a key crossroads of several historic trails. There was the Chisholm Trail, The Great Western Trail, The Oregon-California Trail and the Santa Fe Trail. The cattle trails were the ones that came from the south. The Oregon- California Trail was a migration trail of people going west but it was the Santa Fe Trail that was a trail of commerce. “Along the Santa Fe Trail”. One of the great stories of the American tale is the history of the pioneers along the Santa Fe Trail. We picture those times from bygone day when traders went traveling down the Santa Fe. They left from Missouri and southwest they would go to search for riches in Old Mexico. They braved the hardships of hazards and weather; they connected this part of the world together. After the years of the Mexican-American War, came stagecoaches and fur trappers, gold seekers and more. There were bright senoritas, bandits, Indian attacks, Padres, muleskinners and freighters with packs, this was the great highway to the American southwest traveled by pioneers on opportunities quest. Here’s what makes this story especially great, the trail has more miles in Kansas than any other state. Looking back we marvel at how they survived as in our mind’s eye the old trail comes alive. We give thanks that those pioneers made their journey without fail as they tamed the frontier along the Santa Fe Trail, Happy Trails.