Blowin in the Wind

(Ron) Howdy folks, I’m Ron Wilson, Poet Lariat. There is one element of Kansas life which is found in the stereotypes that people have about the state of Kansas. And there is an element of truth to it folks. I’m talking about wind. This poem is entitled, “Blowing in the Wind.” The railroad train stopped at a station out west, out stepped a city dude in bowler hat and fancy vest. The wind was a howling as Kansas’ winds sometimes do. And off went his hat as one particular gust blew. This wind is just horrific the easterner said, is it always like this, he wondered with dread? So he looked around and what caught his eye was a Kansas cowboy who was waiting nearby. He approached the cowboy saying, young man I say, does the wind clear out here always blow this way? Nope, said the cowboy. Thank goodness, said the dude. But his relief was short lived, with the comment that ensued. For the cowboy offered this further correction, you see out here the wind blows half the time in the other direction. Happy Trails.