Burt Reynolds and Buck Taylor Interview

(Frank) We’re back. (Deb) With all kinds of icons, we had Elvis and now we’re going to go to Burt Reynolds. I met Burt Reynolds. (Frank) Okay. (Deb) It’s so cool. Wish you could’ve been there Frank. (Frank) Do you know that one of his first really big starring roles was at Gunsmoke? (Deb) Of course, I do. That’s why he was in Dodge City last fall at the Wild West Fest, one of the coolest events ever. He and Buck Taylor, who of course was Newly on Gunsmoke and one of our dear friends, had a press conference together. I have to say Burt could not be more gracious, he could not have said nicer things about Dodge City itself, about his role on Gunsmoke, about all the people he’d worked with. Milburn Stone, he couldn’t have been nicer in talking about Milburn Stone. Of course Buck Taylor, if there’s a nicer man on the planet, I don’t know who it is. He’s just one of the best people I’ve known. (Frank) Another note about Burt Reynolds, you see this little button up here? (Deb) Yes. (Frank) That’s my Phi Delta Theta button and Burt Reynolds is a Phi. (Deb) Really? (Frank) Yes. There you go guys. (Deb) I will tell him you said hello the next time we talk. (Frank) Yes. [chuckles] (Deb) Stay with us. (Buck Taylor) At the time I went on Gunsmoke, it was very popular. Had no idea that it was going to be this popular, and go for so long. I was on it the last eight years, and I figured when it was canceled that would be it. But it’s going on, and on, and on, for 60 years straight. I mean, it’s still going. I go to a lot of venues where they have a lot of people, and it’s amazing how many fans that this show has accumulated. Mind you, if there wasn’t a Dodge City, there wouldn’t have been a Gunsmoke. So Dodge City is known all over the world and Gunsmoke is kind of synonymous with that. It’s probably the best thing that ever happened to me in my life, in my professional career, and I had no idea it was going to give me a leg-up for the rest of my life. I loved Gunsmoke, loved being part of it. (Burt Reynolds) I was happy to be working. [laughter] (Burt) And it was a great show. Everybody knows what a great show it is. It was the nicest bunch of people I’ve ever worked with, ever, in my career in terms of just, there was no pushing and shoving, and getting in front of the camera for example. They were all wonderful people, and Jim was really special. I think the thing that surprises everybody was what an amazing sense of humor Jim had. It was just a great time for me too. I mean Doc was the sage, wonderful man he plays. He was just great help to me and my career. He was the one that told me that I should leave and do movies. I said, What if I don’t get any moves. And he said, No, you’re going to get movies. This is just a springboard for you. If I hadn’t known this guy was in the wings, I wouldn’t have left quite so fast. [laughter] (Burt) I was really happy doing that show, especially with that group of people.

(Frank) Well, we’ve had fun. I hope you had too. I’m Frank. (Deb) I’m Deb. (Frank) We’ll see you somewhere – (Frank and Deb) Around Kansas.

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