Cowboy Culbertson

(Deb) And I want to start today with my good friend Robert “Cowboy” Culbertson. You have met Robert “Cowboy” Culbertson before when we visited his ranch near Easton a couple of years ago. American Frontier Productions is Cowboy’s home and place of business. It is a movie set, a location for artists to paint western scenes and people. He cannot remember a time when he wasn’t riding horses. Born in Leavenworth in 1957 Cowboy grew up working cattle on his grandfather’s Farm. In 1992, he and his wife Donna, bought the ranch that has become American Frontier Productions. He trained horses and riders and in 1996 he met Jim Hatzell while working on his first film, TNT’s production of “Rough Riders.” It was Hatzell who told Cowboy he had a “great look” and that he should do some modeling. So Cowboy packed up his kids, Josh and Amanda and headed for a photo shoot in South Dakota. He has been acting and modeling ever since. Cowboy has played everything from Custer to a medieval knight and has appeared in numerous documentaries and featured films. Sometimes he also provided his horses and his wrangling skills to one of Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders. What is most remarkable about Cowboy however, isn’t what he does, it is who he is. He has this lanky, aw shucks persona with pioneer determination and his face conveys it all. Artist Les Lefever said “He has a face that changes from hour to hour and day to day. It is a different, interesting and definitely western look.” Dozens of artists have thought the same using Cowboy’s image in more than a hundred paintings that now hang in galleries and homes throughout the country. His face is honest, interesting, optimistic, Artist Joe Velazquez described his “devilish grin.” Artist Ruth Ann Sturgill said that “Cowboy and his family are amazing, good people – The kind we need more of in this world. Cowboy has become the face of Kansas, of the American West. It is a good face. So join me if you will to celebrate the many faces and the incredible talent of my friend Robert “Cowboy” Culbertson.