Cowboy Up

(Ron) Years ago we had a bad fire here on the ranch when our daughter was little. We lost an entire machine shed and it was a traumatic experience for her. I wrote this poem about that day and its titled “You have to Cowboy Up”. Daddy what do we do my little girl said as we stared at the burning remains of our shed. The machine shed on our ranch had just gone up in flames, with the tractors and the trailers and wagons it contained. I looked at my daughter as she cradled her scared pup and said at times like these you have to Cowboy Up. You have to be strong. You have to be tough. You can’t let hard times get you down facing this stuff. When you get bucked off pick yourself up off the ground. And get back up on that horse to try another round. And if life gives you lemons you just can’t be afraid. Turn a negative into a positive and make some lemonade. Yes we’ve lost our old machine shed, but that opens up some space and we’ll be able to rebuild something better in its place. But daddy my daughter said with tear-filled eyes, think of all the work you did on the things inside. Yes, I said, as I thought of what we faced, it is a loss and there are things that just can’t be replaced. But things are still just things. They’re not the people that we love. We still have many blessings thanks to the good Lord up above. So I held my daughter close as I drained my coffee cup and said Be brave my little one, you have to Cowboy Up. Happy Trails.