eventsAbout Events of Kansas On this page you will find some fun events that we have been able to participate in the past. If your community has an event or would like to have Around Kansas attend, please make sure to reach out to us on our contact page. We can’t promise to make every event, but sure do enjoy traveling the state to enjoy many of the great events that makes Kansas such a great place to live…enjoy and feel free to share with  your friends.

Annual Fox Hunt at Ft. Leavenworth
Well, the hunt, and you’ll hear a little bit about that in the story, is like a culture all of its own. And of course, having grown up in Virginia where fox hunting was a big deal

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 1.02.15 PM61st Annual Northeast Kansas Rodeo in Sabetha
He does poems and does them really well. We are so thrilled to have him with us. He’s such a nice man; I was teasing him down at the Western Music Association meeting when I was a guest speaker, and Ron was there and we were talking about things.

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2016 AASLH Award of Merit Winner 
We’re back, and we want to give a shout out, today, to Lecompton. Historic Lecompton, of course, is one of our sponsors. There’s always something great going on in Lecompton, and we appreciate their supporting our show.

 Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 4.39.24 PMThe Grainfield Opera House 
Frank, you did, was it last year, who can keep up with the time, you featured a lot of the opera houses throughout the state. So you’re really familiar with the history of how the opera houses came to be. (Frank) Opera houses were kind of the mark of culture in a town.

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 Wamego Tulip Festival 
The discovery of gold near Denver brought many through Wamego on the Smoky Hill Trail in the mid 1800s. In 1863, the Kansas Pacific Railroad began building the main line for passengers and freight bound westward across the plains.

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 The Battle of Westport 
There’s some antique shops around there too so make a day of it. (Deb) That’s right. The Battle of Westport covered more than 25 square miles during the three days in October 1864. Confederate General Sterling Price’s Invasion of Missouri, designed to gain both men and supplies

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 The Bone Wars
In the second half of the nineteenth century, important finds were made in the sediments of the American Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway, the Niobrara Chalk. One fossil in particular marked the start of the Bone Wars between the rival paleontologists Edward Drinker Cope and Othniel Charles Marsh.

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Battle of Black Jack
And really began at Black Jack in my opinion, my learned opinion and that of many other scholars, that the Civil War actually began right here on Kansas soil, June 2, 1856, with the Battle of Black Jack

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St. Patrick’s Day
 In 1870 the majority of immigrants to Kansas came from the British Isles, and particularly Ireland. In 1871 Thomas Butler, an Irish priest in Leavenworth, wrote this pamphlet encouraging Irish people to move to Kansas.

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135th Messiah Festival of the Arts
So, let’s hear about Easter week in Lindsborg. The theme of the 135th Messiah Festival of the Arts is “Imagine” and will feature a wide variety of art, music and theatrical events during the 10-day event beginning March 18 and continuing through Easter Sunday, March 27.

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Marci Penner and KS Sampler Festival

Just as Marci said, the Kansas Sampler Festival was designed to bring communities and attractions from all over the state together to make it easy for the public to discover day trip possibilities. Whether you are looking for hiking trails, historic sites, natural landmarks, unique restaurants, off-the-beaten track eateries, architectural gems, hole-in-wall performing centers.

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KS Archaeology Field School

The simple stone structure on Main Street in Council Grove is one of the most significant in the history of the American West. Situated on the Santa Fe Trail just west of the Neosho River crossing. The Last Chance Store was indeed the last place where freighters and travelers could obtain supplies between Council Grove and Santa Fe, a distance of 600 miles.

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Lincoln Days

One of my favorite authors and a friend of mine, Brian Dirk, “Lincoln and Davis.” I would, this is an awesome book. I teach a class on Mary Lincoln and Varina Davis, the two first ladies of the Civil War.

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Ways to Celebrate Kansas Day

Welcome back and talking about Kansas Day, we wanted to give you plenty of time to find out what kind of celebration was going on in your neighborhood. And if you don’t have anything going on for Kansas Day, start a party or you could come to Topeka.

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Walnut Valley
Oh I know, Walnut Valley has had some challenges with rain in the past. But you know what? It has never dampened the spirits of the folks who go to the Walnut Valley Festival at Winfield. Fifteen thousand people go to Walnut Valley

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 3.32.55 PMJoe Tinker Day
And we’re back again. Tinker to Evers to Chance. That was a poem
written by a newspaper man about the world series of 1909 when again the Chicago Cubs and New York Giants played. Anyway Joe Tinker is from Kansas, from Muscotah and on his birthday….click to learn more!
Home on the Range Cabin DedicationScreen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.27.28 PM
Welcome to a very special edition of Around Kansas. I’m sitting here at the Home on the Range Cabin with the Great Granddaughters of the man who wrote the music, set the song to music and wrote the refrain that is known around the world, Home on the Range. We’re gonna visit them, we’re gonna interview the descendants of Mr. Higley….click to learn more!
Oriskany ReunionScreen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.32.30 PM
Welcome to Around Kansas from the USS Oriskany Reunion here at the Combat Air Museum. And with me is Tom Sparks, my body guard who is watching over this incredible model that we have behind us. We’re gonna visit with some of the men who served on the Oriskany some of the men that made the model. And one who was on the real ship a month ago….click to learn more!
Crazy Days in MolineScreen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.36.31 PM
Welcome to today’s episode of Around Kansas. We had the great fortune to visit the community of Moline, a Little Town with a Big Heart. And when you watch this episode, you’ll be convinced that that is a well deserved slogan for this little town. We had a wonderful time and we know you’ll have a wonderful time joining us…click to learn more!
Mountain Plains Art Fair – TopekaScreen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.40.16 PM
Welcome to Around Kansas, at the lovely campus of Washburn University. This is the Mulvane Art Fair, the Mountain Plains Art Fair, the annual fundraiser for the Mulvane Art Museum and each year dozens of artists from all over the state of Kansas and neighboring states come and share their wares. We’re going to visit with some of those folks…click to learn more!
Kansas Sampler Festival – WamegoScreen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.45.13 PM
Around Kansas spent an entire day at the Kansas Sampler Festival in Wamego. So many stories to cover and so little time. We did our best and put together a good sampling of some of our favorite vendors we found and some other cool stories along the way. So when you say there is nothing to see, do or buy in the state of Kansas you need to check this out first…click to learn more!