Farming is a Gamble

Ron) Farming is a gamble. A farmer puts a crop in the ground, a rancher raises a calf, not knowing what kind of weather conditions, market conditions or other factors that could affect it in the end. So farming is a gamble, just like Las Vegas. This is a poem I wrote titled Gambling Man. Did you hear about the guy who went on an amazing trip and hit it rich, winning money at an amazing clip? I hear stories of those high-rolling gambling big-wigs who roll the dice in Vegas and really hit it big. But I’m way too conservative, or risk-averse they say, to take a chance on losing all my money in this way. Yeah, maybe the biggest gamblers aren’t in Vegas after all. But rather in the country at agriculture’s call. That’s where a farmer takes a gamble to plant a crop of wheat, never knowing if it will survive the drought or freeze or heat. And just as Lady Luck can snatch a gambler’s money whey they win it, a hail storm can claim a Kansas wheat crop in a minute. A mother cow takes a year to breed and feed and thrive, but that whole year’s income is lost if that baby calf does not survive. The market shows the farmer the value of his crop, but its a gamble to sell before the market drops. So maybe the biggest gamblers aren’t the ones with Vegas claims, but rather the farmers and ranchers out here on the Kansas plains. I think I’ll take the risks I know with crops and with cattle, instead of trying to beat casino odds in some Las Vegas battle. Did you hear about my friend who’s Vegas trip caused such a fuss? He drove there in a $20,000 dollar car and came back in a 100,000 dollar bus. Happy Trails!