First Cowtowns

(Ron) Howdy folks, I’m Ron Wilson, Poet Lariat. The cowboy really came alive in legend at the time of the great cattle drives. And the goal of the Texas drovers was to get to Abilene. This poem is in honor of the “First Cowtowns.” One of the first cowtowns the world had ever seen, was the little community known as Abilene. It all began after the Civil War here, with demand for beef from the western frontier. A livestock dealer named Joseph McCoy, helped bring about the American cowboy. He saw Longhorns in Texas running free and he knew what an opportunity these could be. McCoy looked for a place with grass and water abiding where he could build a big railroad sighting. He traveled through Kansas on a railroad route west, in search of a town that would suite his request. And when he got to the city of Abilene, he found a place which he had foreseen. It became a cattle shipping point hence forth for Texas drovers bringing cattle north. Thousands of Longhorns came up the Chisholm Trail to the city of Abilene to meet the rail. The money flowed and cowboys got wild until the local folks got riled. So in time the cattle trade moved west and the Texas cattle rancher’s quest. But in the history of the west, the name still resounds Abilene, Kansas, one of the first cow towns. Happy Trails.