FLofKS Grill Side BBQ

From The Land of Kansas is a trademark program that helps Kansas businesses grow, produce, process or manufacture Kansas products. Let’s meet Grill Side BBQ in Overland Park. Grill Side BBQ started as a homemade sauce for family gatherings, but when the demand became overwhelming, it was time to go public! After years of researching and testing many different flavors of Kansas City Barbeque, Grill Side was born. All natural, gluten free and with no high fructose corn syrup, this award winning BBQ sauce is great on meats, vegetables and pretty much anything that needs some zing! Grill Side offers three flavors including Suburban Sweet, a sauce that’s tasty, well balanced and sweet enough for the kids; Downtown Heat, a sweet, smoky sauce with just a bit of heat and Hometown Hot, a sauce that pairs up seven different peppers for a real punch. For mouthwatering recipes and to find a retailer near you, visit GrillSideBBQ.com.