Geff Dawson – Horses

(Geff) There’s no alarm clock needed to get me out of bed, for today I’ll be a cowboy. Now let’s get them horses fed. The chores are done before the sun tops the eastern hill and I saddle up my horse and up my back there goes a chill. For this life it does excite me. My dream it has come true, for today I’ll be a cowboy, a cowboy through and through. Well, I load my horse and start my truck and down the road we go. We’re headed for the pastures, where the greenest grasses grow. We gather steers bunch by bunch and take ’em to the pen. We implant, worm and vaccinate and turn ’em out again. We drive ’em back to where they came to graze the summer through, where the grass is green, the water’s clear and the sky’s a deep, deep blue. Works all done. We trailer up and head back for the ranch. The day it passed so quickly. I never had a chance. A chance to thank my maker, the Lord from up above for giving me the life, the life I really love. Well I get back home and I do my chores just like the day began. And I ask the Lord, please give me one more chance and let me do it all again.