Getting Groceries

Ron) All of us are familiar with the routine of going to the store to get groceries. But for the cow/calf man, getting groceries has an additional meaning. This poem is entitled “Getting Groceries.” Getting groceries is something we have to do, for supplies from the store, each week or two. There’s milk, bread, cereal, eggs and juice. Plus the snacks and drinks that teenagers use. And right before a holiday or a winter storm, I get amazed at the shopper checkout lines that form. But when I see a cow nursing a baby calf, it reminds me of a cattleman that made me laugh. When he saw a calf nurse, one of his tendencies was to say, that calf is getting groceries. I thought it was a funny saying back in the day, but now I understand it in a modern way. For we all need food to help sustain and grow, just like that newborn calf will undergo. Humans go to the garden or to the store of course, the calf gets his nutrition direct from the source. We’ve had a bottle calf, which our kids think is fun. But it takes time and trouble to get those chores done. So I give thanks for my favorable luck, when I see a new calf that will stand and will suck. Now the wife says our kitchen inventory needs to rebuild. So we’ll be getting groceries for the pantry to be filled. But for the cow/calf man there’s nothing better somehow, than to see a calf getting groceries from a Mama cow. Happy Trails.