Gift Packaging Ideas

(Frank) (Deb) Welcome back to Martha Stewart Living. (Frank) I have no idea what I’m doing. [Laughs] (Deb) This is how pathetic men are, because I give Frank this ribbon to unwrap and he and Michael don’t even know what it is. See, ribbon is magic. Ribbon transforms the lowliest, the most humble gift. You can put a ribbon on it. You put this old ribbon on it; she’s going to think you’ve got something more. So, ribbon is very important. (Frank) It’s got to be genetic because I don’t know anybody that’s a male who can actually wrap a present. (Deb) No, me neither. That’s why we’re here, so that you don’t have to wrap a present. You can just tie a knot. I love Christmas shopping and all my family is suspicious when they get a gift from me. It’s all about fun. Let’s have fun with giving gifts and wrapping gifts. Don’t be all concerned about perfection. Let’s have fun with it. Is this not the cutest basket ever? (Frank) That is a nice basket. (Deb) I paid $3.75 for that at the antique store in Colby. It’s got a little lid on it; it’s woven, it’s really pretty. Now, all you got to do is put a million dollars in there and tie a ribbon on it and you got a nice present. (Frank) You know what really has saved all of us males is those little gift bags. Then tie some ribbon. (Deb) For all you guys, tins. These are great and you can find these at the thrift store. After you’re done with Christmas, you put your nails in it, or what would Michael put in this? Maybe his memory cards. Look at this little tin I found. I found this at the thrift store in Oakley. Because the ladies put back stuff and tell me not to take it. Is that not the cutest little tin? The wheels on the bus go round and round. Is that not so? One of my grandsons is going to get this nice little tin for Christmas with something in it. Maybe put some candy in it. Then, these little things, little mailbox, these are all over at Christmas time. Is that just not the cutest little gift box you ever saw? I just put something in there, and you could take the ribbon or the raffia. This is raffia Frank. (Frank) It’s what? (Deb) Gift-wrap 101. This is raffia. Decorating 101. Just put a little raffia in there and then some nice little something, a piece of jewelry or gift certificate or gift card or put these in there. That would be real nice. See this little thing cost me just a dollar. Just a dollar for that, and so that’s even cheaper than a gift bag. I’m telling you Frank that solves your problems here. We’re in the capitol, State Capital, which is a state historic site, so they have a beautiful gift shop. I was just down there visiting with the lady, and I bought a bar of this wonderful lavender soap made in Kansas. They have the jewelry that’s made from the copper they took off of the Capitol dome and they restored it. They’ve got all these really unique Kansas gifts. They’re wonderful gifts for folks who maybe don’t live around here anymore or maybe friends you have that are out of state and want to send them something that says Kansas. You’ve got Kymm Hughes at Prairie Glass with beautiful things down there; a little sunflower. I think there’s even wine bottle stoppers, one of my personal favorites, the wine bottle stoppers. Of course, if you don’t finish the wine, who does that? See this from the Capitol Store, a nice little gift bag; in fact, I think this is such a cute gift bag, you could just put a ribbon right there, put the name on it with a red marker and you’re good. That’s the little soap I bought. This is man soap, Frank. Do you like that? (Frank) It says “man soap.” (Deb) For people who can’t take subliminal hints. This is a wonderful book. I’m all about giving books for Christmas. Raising the West, this little gal, Kelsie Stelting did this book out at Wallace County, and this is interviews she did with the families, the matriarchs, the ladies of the families that grew up there. It is a wonderful book that’s at the Fort Wallace Museum, and then she did this gorgeous calendar with scenes from Wallace County with little sayings. Even though this one is in Wallace County, and I encourage you to go out there, all your little county museums have similar things like that. While you’re supporting the small businesses, go support these small county museums and historical societies. Take the family for a visit and do your Christmas shopping while you’re there. Now are these some great ideas or what? (Frank) There you are. (Deb) Educational. I’ve got a Sea Monsters National Geographic that’s all about the oceans of Kansas when we were all under water. Then, if you run out of wrapping paper, use old maps, Frank. A pocket book I picked up at the thrift store for a dollar. You can get that little thing for a dollar. Music, Kansas Cowboy. Our good friend, this Kansas Cowboy CD is phenomenal. Michael Martin Murphy’s new CD, High Stakes.