Head, Heart, Hands and Health

(Ron Wilson) One of the great organizations for farmers historically was the 4-H Club, which is now open to youth, from the new settings; city, or rural. But this is my tribute for the 4-H Club, “Head, Heart, Hands, and Health”. My voice began to quiver, and my knees began to knock, as I had to go forward to give my 4-H talk. I stared down at my paper. My throat just seemed to choke. I was too shy to stand up in front of all these folks. Somehow the words came, and my voice came back big as I told the club about how to show a market pig. It was a rough feeling for a kid I will allege, but then we all stood to recite the 4-H pledge. For head, heart, hands, and health we took the vow, to pursue a better life and make the best, better somehow. My 4-H journey had begun. It took me far and wide, thanks to friends and caring leaders who stood right by my side. I learned that I could give a talk, and then we had good eating. I learned I could judge livestock, and preside over a meeting. Those skills would serve me well, as I progressed on through my life. I found a fellow 4-H’er when I met my lovely wife. Now, our kids are members of the 4-H organization, which makes them part of the third generation. The members still recite the pledge and stand in unison, and have recreation when the business part is done. I see the younger members who get up for their first talk, with their voice all a quiver and their faces pale as chalk. Be assured that I will thank them, and give them lots of praise. For I know that they will learn and grow, throughout their 4-H days. Happy Trails.