Horse Training

(Ron Wilson) Cowboys love to train animals; sometimes the animals can train us. This poem is entitled Horse Training. On a hot summer morning, I walked out to train a young horse we were teaching to ride in the ring. The flies really buzzing in the hot morning sun, as I walked to the barn with my two little sons. One said, “Dad, you see those two horses right there, standing together like they were a pair. They get close together, and that’s how they graze, but their heads are facing in opposite ways. So the head of the one is by the tail of the other. Why do they do that?” he asked me and his brother. I said, You’re a mighty observant young man. And I’ll answer your question the best that I can. You see there’s lots of flies around this cow lot, they’re a natural pest that we’ve always got. The horse uses its tail to shoo off those flies, like I do with my hand if the need should arise. But the tail is too short to reach that horse’s head, so they’ve learned they can partner with another horse instead. They can stand close together, one’s head by the others tail. Then they can shoo the flies off each other without fail, so that’s why the horses stand together that way. Now go in the barn and get ‘em some hay. While the boys did their chores I stopped and I thought, There’s a message for me in that lesson I taught. If horses can learn to cooperate too, there is no limit to what we as people can do. There’s some things a person can’t do as just one, when we work together so much more can get done. If we partner together which is really my druthers, we’ll share the rewards as we serve each other. It’s a mutual benefit that we can treasure, if like all those horses we all stand together. It was time to begin that pony’s training lessons, but I looked at my kids and thanked God for my blessings. At supper that night my wife says to me, “How’d that training go for the new pony?” I said, It went well but not in the usual way. My kids and my horses taught me a lot today. Happy Trails.