Horses Made His

(Ron) A national magazine reported for all to see what it called The Animal that Changed History. The animal which provided this historic force was the wonderful critter which we call the horse. In the history of man, across centuries of time, we find the contribution of the species equine. Columbus brought horses into the New World, when he landed at Hispaniola with the Spanish flag unfurled. Hernando Cortes came to Mexico in 1519 and conquered the natives with power not yet seen. He brought Spanish-blooded horses into the new land. Across the new continent, they would breed and expand. Those horses gave native tribesmen a whole new front, with amazing new power to roam and to hunt. The horse transformed the Plains Indians’ lives, helping tribes to move and get food to thrive. Those capable riders on their horses back, gave warriors dominant strength with which to attack. For the explorers and cowboys of later years, the horse enabled the conquering of the frontier. So let’s all recognize, through this discourse, the historic contribution of the American horse. Happy Trails.