Just a Bit Off

(Ron) We’ve started having weddings out at the ranch and that makes for some interesting combinations when cowboy culture encounters bride and family. This is a poem I wrote titled, “Just a Bit Off.” The cowboy stared in bewilderment across the crowded room, filled with venders, young women and the prospective groom. A lady said, May I help you sir, as she gave a curious look. And handed him a copy of the wedding exhibitor book. The puzzled cowboy said, Well where is all the tack? I don’t know what that is, said the lady, taken aback. I mean the bit and bridle, the saddle and the reins, the utterly confused cowboys said as he explains. A lady said, Young man you must be in the wrong place, with a look of uncertainty showing on her face. She added, Let me explain, this is our spring bridal show which a future bride will visit with her family and her beau. We have caterers, photographers, DJs and hotels around town, tuxedo rentals, wedding venues and designers of bridal gowns. We don’t have any tack, she said to the young man. Just a hundred different vendors to help with wedding plans. The loudspeaker began to play a pretty wedding song. The cowboy said, I heard some talk, but I guess I got it wrong. So I’m sorry to have troubled you I think that I should go, cause I was looking for a different kind of bridle show. Happy Trails.