Just Wait

(Ron) Howdy folks, I’m Ron Wilson, Poet Lariat. Those of us who live out here in the middle of the country get used to one thing and that is the weather’s going to change. This poem is entitled Just Wait a Minute, It’ll Change. We’ve had lot’s of winter weather so when we got a thaw, the chance to get outside was really quite a draw. It felt like cabin fever so I was glad to get outside, cleaned a feeder, built some fence and managed to get in a horse ride. I stripped down to my shirtsleeves and got a whole lot of good work done and found it was the spring’s first exposure to the sun. The next day I was in the house paying some ranch bills when I heard a clap of thunder roll across the nearby hills. I tuned into the weather and they proceeded to inform that a wave of snow might follow a local thunderstorm. I just shook my head and went back to working on the books when what I saw at the window made me take a second look. Big fat wet snowflakes were falling from the sky, it looked like a full-fledged blizzard passing by. I finished up by paperwork and bundled up to do my chores and found the sun shining brightly across the great outdoors. It made me think about the weather pattern in this Kansas land, it will change so doggone fast that it is hard to understand. And I said to my wife as the weather made its turn, You know you live in Kansas when it snows on your sunburn. Happy Trails.