Keith George on Highway 83

(Frank) We’re back again You know, back in the 60s, there was a TV show called Route 66 and of course Nat King Cole did a song Route 66 and all that, from Chicago to LA. In other words, the Western. And the idea of the show of course was these two guys jumped in a Corvette, and they didn’t have jobs, and what they did was along the way they would stop and they’d get jobs and get involved in some sort of adventure. But it was Route 66. But that is east and west, but you’re going to have is a story about a highway that goes north and south. (Deb) And actually Highway 83’s interstate 66 in Texas I think, because that is part of our friends’ coverage area. When I was talking earlier about going up to Oberlin to visit with Sharleen Wurm and Garry Anderson, their landmark and then the last Indian Raid Museum. And while we were at the Indian Raid Museum, Keith George pulls up in his little red Corvette and he is wide open. I am telling you what, he’s full of personality. But he is photographing. That’s what the segment is about, Highway 83. And he was talking about a friend of his that has a museum near the intersection with Highway 66, and he was going to send him up to see Sharleen’s museum because of what a great job the Decatur County and pretty much Sharleen have done with the last Indian Raid Museum. And he is talking about how this is just the Smithsonian of Kansas if not the West. I mean, he was just so blown away. And you’re going to be blown away when you see some of the images. He’s done really incredible job and he was so much fun. And the history of Highway 83 is just fascinating and I think you’re really going to love this segment. And you can follow Keith, you can follow his adventure on Facebook and keep up with all the pictures that he posts and all the stuff that he is doing. You’re going to really enjoy this. Highway 83 slices America almost in half, a line running north-south from the U. S. border with Mexico to the border of Canada, descending 1,885 miles from Westhope, North Dakota, to Brownsville, Texas. It is one of the oldest and longest of the federal highways that hasn’t been replaced by an Interstate and is a major artery in western Kansas where cattle trucks and pickups outnumber the cars. Author Stew Magnuson, a native of Omaha, has introduced the road to the uninformed with his Highway 83 Chronicles. The latest person to carry the banner for the scenic highway is Texan Keith George. Keith has been traveling the route with a camera and a drone, making friends and memories along the way, and being transformed in the process. In his little red Corvette, Keith gets noticed in the little towns and communities that line Highway 83. In fact, while in Oberlin, the Decatur County Sheriff stopped to visit with him. Keith was understandably concerned, and wondered what regulation he had violated. He was stunned when the sheriff responded; I wanted to bring you a welcome gift! That has been typical of his reception along the road. People have opened their homes and hearts to Keith, a self-described Type A personality who only slows down long enough to click the camera. His stunning video footage will make people take a second look at places they thought they knew, like our own iconic Monument Rocks, or take a first look at places they have never seen. What final form Keith’s work will take is still a thought in progress. What is a certainty, though, is that his trip has morphed into an experience far beyond anything he could have imagined. He also assures folks that he will be back. Folks up and down Highway 83 will be watching the horizon for that little red Corvette and making a pot of coffee, ready to visit with someone who is now considered an old friend.

(Frank) Let’s get out on Highway 83. Well, that’s it again for this week. I’m Frank. (Deb) I’m Deb. (Frank) And we will see you somewhere (Both) Around Kansas.

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