Lady Luck Ironworks

(Deb) So, I see you’ve been reading again Frank. (Frank) Yes, I have the readers on here. Oh yes, Kansas Living, which is a Farm Bureau publication. It has some really cool stuff in it. (Deb) They do a really nice job. Really nice. (Frank) Anyway, I was kind of reading the story here about a couple of artisans that they decided to also feature. These couple of young guys have really kind of started, you know, hammering around on a forge and all of that and I don’t want to get ahead of the story very much, but in the magazine is a more expanded story on what we’re going to tell you about in this next story about these young men here, Tyler Brown and Dan Atkinson. So anyway… (Deb) You know just when you get down on the next generation, or whatever generation, or young people or whatever, you see young men like this you are…look at these great looking guys. But they’re working hard, doing really creative stuff, and making a business out of it. And I was looking at your story and they seemed to be really well-rounded and have real business ethics. So next time you start complaining about what kids are coming to, you gotta remember there’s a lot like this. And there’s a lot of ’em in Kansas. Aren’t there Frank? (Frank) Oh yes, yes there are. Definitely. (Deb) We’ve got so much talent and so many good things going on. Proud of ’em. (Frank) Let’s take a look. Good friends since childhood, Tyler Brown and Dan Atkisson combine their artistic skills and love of the western life into a unique business. Lady Luck Ironworks of Stockton was recently featured in Farm Bureau’s Kansas Living Magazine. What started as bits and spurs soon mushroomed into metal work including belt buckles, bracelets, conches, knives, and buckles for horse headstalls. Folks from all over the country buy their creations. Dan said that most of their customers are working types, REAL cowboys and cowgirls, and they keep that in mind when pricing their one-of-a-kind works. They want real people to be able to afford their wares. Nickel, silver, polished steel, brass, copper, sterling silver, the metals are combined in unique and functional ways and their original artwork has become their hallmark. For nearly five years these young men have been building their hobby into a thriving business. You can find them on Facebook and our own Ron Wilson proudly wears their spurs. There’s no better endorsement than that