Lost and Found

(Ron) One of the joys we have is a good ranch dog. But those ranch dogs sometimes get into misadventures. This poem is entitled Lost and Found. I have a good dog, his name is Jake. Australian Shepherd is his make. He roams around our ranch with pride, and goes with me when I walk or ride. One day he went with me to chore, as he’s done hundreds of times before. I went to the granary to get some feed and proceeded with my usual deeds. That night I put dog food in Jake’s bowl; but I didn’t see a single soul. I wasn’t worried about where he went, he was probably at Grandma’s or chasing some fence. But the next day I didn’t see Jake at all. He didn’t come when I yelled or called. By the third day I was really worried. Around to all the neighbors we hurried. We called the Shelter, put posts all around but results were the same, no Jake had been found. With a heavy heart I went to chore when I heard a scratching inside the granary side door. I found Jake in the corner bin. Where unbeknownst to me that silly dog had jumped in. Jake and I had a joyful reunion and rejoined the family in happy communion. I’ve got to tell the neighbors but it will be kind of hard that the dog I was looking for was in my own back yard. Happy Trails.