Louise Harrison, Sister of Beatle George Harrison

(Deb) Welcome back folks and while I was busy over in Missouri making documentary films, Frank was busy right here in NOTO with — I’ll tell you Frank, I am so jealous, I was so sad I could not be in Topeka when you had George Harrison’s sister in the WREN Studios with you, so how did that come to pass? (Frank) They asked us, TPAC asked us, would we be willing to speak with her, and Marty who in Liverpool Legends plays George Harrison. We said, absolutely, and so it came to be. She showed up at the studio at 10:00 on Friday morning, and we spent about 20 minutes on the air talking to her. Well, I get to tell you about it. This story is not about someone from Kansas. In fact, she is from Liverpool, England. The story is that this reporter had the express honor to interview her on WREN Internet Radio. I’m talking about Louise Harrison. She is the sister of Beatle George Harrison. Yes, that Beatle! Louise Harrison was in Topeka with the Liverpool Legends, a Beatles re-enactment band. It’s a group that she and Marty Scott founded. Marty Scott portrays George Harrison in the Liverpool Legends. In 2001 Louise saw Marty portray George Harrison. She was totally taken aback by his performance that looked and sounded so much like her late brother. That was what lead to the founding of the Liverpool Legends in 2005. Harrison acted as an advisor to the group, which has performed in Branson, Missouri and all over the world. I can’t tell you how thrilling it was to actually sit next to and talk with the sister of one of the Beatles! The Beatles transformed the direction of pop music in 1964 and their popularity has transcended the generations ever since. Yes, the sister of Beatle George Harrison – Louise Harrison – and I got to meet her and have a great conversation!