Loveland Popcorn

(Frank) Good morning, I’m Frank Chaffin and this is Around Kansas. This morning we’re gonna talk about popcorn. But not your everyday run of the mill popcorn. But first a little bit of history on popcorn. It’s been around for about 4,000 years. In fact they found ears of corn in the so called, bat caves in Central America. Four thousand year old popcorn, and yes, it popped. Also in 1650 the Spanish found the Peruvian Indians enjoying popcorn as a treat. And of course the Aztecs used popcorn in a lot of ceremonies and even made jewelry and necklaces our of the many colorful varieties. Moving ahead a few years, Charles Cretors, he was the man who invented the first mobile popcorn popper and he did that for the Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. Then Percy Spencer of Raytheon, now that’s the company that during World War II developed the magnetron, which was essentially the operating system for the radar used in World War II. At war end the government said Raytheon we don’t need all of those thousands of magnetrons that you have. So, Percy was trying to figure out, well what do we do with all of these things. And of course the story and you may know it, a candy bar that he had in his pocket in the lab near one of the magnetrons, melted. He thought, that’s interesting. So, he had an assistant bring in some popcorn kernels and he put the kernels near the magnetron and of course they popped. And guess what, the radar range was invented, now known as the microwave and of course, microwave popcorn followed that. But today, we’re not going to talk about the every day, run of the mill microwave popcorn. No, because here in Kansas there is a gourmet popcorn that is grown. It’s done at the Loveland Acres Popcorn Farm, in of all places, Clyde. Now Clyde, Kansas, is a bit north and a little bit west of Manhattan in north central Kansas. It’s a very small town and in 2008 Lance and Megan Nobert made the decision to return to their roots in north central Kansas to the family farm. Now, the family farm had grown popcorn for some time and Lance grew up in the popcorn growing community. OK, well he also worked for the Department of Agriculture for a number of years and has a degree in Agronomy. So, on the family farm he decided to plant another variety of popcorn. And so in 2008 on the small plot in Clyde, Kansas, he planted his first crop. And low and behold it became a very, very good popcorn. And we say gourmet because you know, most popcorn when you pop it the hull bursts and this pops out, OK? Well theirs is a popcorn that when it pops, the hull shatters. And so it’s virtually hull free. The corn is much more fluffy, not like this. This is microwave popcorn and simply a prop here this morning. So, they also don’t pop the corn and sell it in bags. They sell the popcorn kernels. And you can order them online or you can find the bags of the gourmet popcorn in some stores and gourmet shops around the state. They have varieties like Shamus Blue, White Gourmet, Ruby Red Gourmet and Confetti Gourmet. And so you can pop it and eat it or apparently you can decorate with it because it really is pretty colorful. You can find ’em online at That’s the name of their farm, Loveland Acres. It’s in Clyde, Kansas. Go online and you can order there and like I said you can also find it in a lot of stores around the state of Kansas. So, another great product right here in Kansas. It’s Loveland Acres Gourmet Popcorn. Get some. Try some. It’s grown in Kansas. Isn’t that wonderful? This is Frank Chaffin. I’ll see you somewhere Around Kansas.