Macey Hensley in Council Grove

Frank) And we’re back. Aren’t you happy? (Deb) You know I am. [Laughs] (Frank) Sunbeam used to make, well that was a brand of bread, and Little Miss Sunbeam was on there, well, of course Kansas now has essentially Little Miss Kansas. (Deb) I was thinking, it’s funny you should say the Sunbeam thing because I look at Macy Hensley and I think Little Miss Sunshine or Little Miss Sunbeam or something because she’s just this boundless ball of energy. I got to meet her in Council Grove last year when Michael Martin Murphey was doing a concert there. And he had Macey come on stage and then after the concert or during the concert after she had gone off stage, I could see her sitting over there with their mother and Daddy. And she falls asleep in her Daddy’s arm and she is all curled up with her little cowgirl boots in her Daddy’s arms. And I’m like, here’s this incredibly bright child who is still just a little girl. And that really brought it home; she is just a little girl. (Frank) And you might have seen her on Ellen. So let’s hear about her– [chuckles] (Deb) –you may have seen her just any number of places, she’s amazing. (Frank) Macey Hensley is the best thing to happen to Kansas, since Dorothy. The precocious five year old, won the hearts of the nation when she appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show and wowed her host and the audience with her knowledge of the US Presidents. Since then she’s been back to Ellen’s show and has appeared alongside some of the biggest stars in the business. She’s been to the White House and met President Obama. She met the House of Cards fictitious President Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacey in a game of Presidential Trivia. She’s taken to ventriloquism since Council Grove neighbor Dave May gave her a George W. Bush dummy in a couple of lessons on throwing her voice. The demonstrations over a new found hobby left television audiences rolling with laughter. Macey’s fascination with the nation’s chief executives began when her grandmother gave her a set of flash cards. Her favorite is Zachary Taylor because he wore blue. She is vocal about her love for Kansas as well, making her the perfect spokesperson for the sunflower state. Commercials featuring the now six-year-old Macey at Kansas tourist sites began airing in April and her being shared on the Internet like germs in preschool. Macey has announced her ambition to become President herself some day. Well, we better be clearing out a spot in the State House for her statue.