Marci Penner and KS Sampler Festival

(Deb) Welcome back everybody and of course while we’re talking about about making plans for Spring, Kansas Sampler Festival is coming up. And Frank and I have been privileged to spend some time at previous Sampler Festivals and could there be a more fun? There’s just nothing more fun. (Frank) It really is. You see if you really want to know about people in Kansas and products in Kansas, the Kansas Sampler Festival is absolutely fantastic. The last two years it was in Wamego and they had some of the biggest attendance they’d ever had. (Deb) It was wonderful. Wonderful. (Frank) This year it’s gonna be in Winfield and so make plans to go to that. (Deb) Beautiful park down there in Winfield. (Frank) Yea. (Deb) Right in the heart of the town. It’s going to be beautiful. (Frank) Yea. Unfortunately it’s going to be one of the last two I believe. (Deb) Oh, breaks my heart. (Frank) So, maybe somebody will pick up the… (Deb) I hope so. You know God bless her, Marci Penner, who, there just ought to be a statue in the middle of the Capital grounds to Marci because she’s done so much for rural Kansas and unifying communities and getting the word out and, but God bless her, I’m sure somebody else has got to pick up the baton and keep going. But yea, good things will come from all of the work that folks have done. (Frank) We’re going to have a booth there, so come see us. (Deb) Yes, come see us. (Frank) Well, now we can’t be at the Kansas Sampler without talking to the person that’s responsible for the Kansas Sampler and that’s Marci Penner. Hi Marci. (Marci) Hi there. (Frank) And there’s a reason we’re here too. Stumpin’ for Kansas cause she is probably Kansas’ biggest fan. So tell us how this all got started. (Marci) Well, my Dad and I had written a Kansas Weekend Guidebook and we had a book signing party on our farm, near Inman, a small town. And we invited places in the book to come set up in one tent. And of course it rained and sleeted and it was on our farm and a thousand people came. And we knew then that the public wanted to know what there is to see and do in Kansas. (Frank) Just as Marci said, the Kansas Sampler Festival was designed to bring communities and attractions from all over the state together to make it easy for the public to discover day trip possibilities. Whether you are looking for hiking trails, historic sites, natural landmarks, unique restaurants, off-the-beaten track eateries, architectural gems, hole-in-wall performing centers, artists-at-work, specialty shops, or have-to-be-there Kansas events, this festival is for you! Since the festival was taken on the road in 1998, several towns have hosted the weekend event. Pratt hosted in 1998 and 1999, then Ottawa, Independence, Newton, Garden City, Concordia, Leavenworth, Liberal, and Wamego. Winfield will be the host city for 2016 and 2017, the last two years the festival will be held. Marci Penner and her dedicated crew are owed a profound debt from Kansans across the state. She has shown us, in a very grassroots Kansas way, how much our state has to offer. We are grateful, Marci, for all you have done.