Meet Marshall Allen Bailey

(Frank) We’re back again. This is Around Kansas in case you just didn’t know. (Deb) Still Around Kansas. We’re still Around Kansas. It’s great when we started Around Kansas and we’re still Around Kansas and it’s still good fun. You don’t know what comes with that experience. (Frank) Yes. (Deb) You get to do all the fun people. You get Marshall Allen Bailey. Oh my gosh, what a hoot he is. (Frank) Again, we keep going back to my childhood, which is shortly after dirt was made. I grew up down in Newton, Kansas and of course, the radio stations were in Wichita. Almost all of them had live western bands that would perform in the morning and all of that. It’s really kind of cool that the tradition is still around. (Deb) So you grew up listening to Bob Wills? (Frank) Oh yes. (Deb) Of course, Asleep at the Wheel was kind of a new Bob Wills’ band. I love Asleep at the Wheel. Marshal Bailey plays this stuff and just a mishmash of really great western swing and other things. Sometimes they’ll throw Bing Crosby in there. Whatever he takes the notion to throw in. Then you got all these corny jokes between him and Cowgirl Janey. He’s a great showman and he’s just a great ambassador for Kansas. Kansas Grassroots. He’s the real deal. (Allen Bailey’s Grandpa) This is Allen Bailey’s Grandpa. Views expressed by my grandson on Western Swing and Other Things do not express the views of the staff, management and all the other ya-hoos around public radio. And they definitely don’t express the views of his family. I don’t know where he come up with that junk anyway. Durn little nut! (Frank) That’s a pretty unassuming introduction for a show that has been on the air for 27 years garnering numerous awards along the way. Western Swing and Other Things is broadcast every Saturday morning on High Plains Public Radio reaching an audience in five states, in addition to the online listeners. Hosted by Marshal Allen Bailey, and yep, he is really Dodge City Marshal, and his wife, Cowgirl Janey; the music is lots of western swing and lots of surprises punctuated with some admittedly pretty corny jokes. It’s a winning combination as its longevity proves. Allen was born in Oklahoma but moved to Cimarron, Kansas, as a child. An accomplished musician, he taught himself to play guitar at the age of 13. A mere year later, he was playing dances professionally. He now plays a number of instruments, including the bass guitar, pedal steel, fiddle, tenor banjo, and piano. He is a member of Partners of the Prairie, a group of cowboys who tour the country and perform cowboy poetry, stories, and lore to delighted folks as far away as Germany. He is also a sought-after emcee where his larger than life personality makes any event more fun. In 2014, he was inducted into the initial group of the new Wild West Walk of Fame in Dodge City. He was in fine company with Buck Taylor, from Gunsmoke, Johnny Crawford, from The Rifleman, Brent Harris, Marshal of Boot Hill Museum, Dr. RC Trotter, Dodge City Icon and rodeo promoter, Harry Vold, famous rodeo stock contractor, “The Duke Of The Chutes”, Justin Rumford, rodeo clown, Wes Sander, stock contractor, John Lehr and Nancy Hower, star and producer of the Hulu series ‘Quick Draw’, Jule Hazen, world champion steer wrestler, and Boyd Polhamus, champion rodeo and announcer. Allen is a 2004 inductee into the Kansas Western Swing Hall of Fame, a 2009 inductee into the Western Swing Society of the Southwest Hall of Fame, the 2010 Disc Jockey of the year for the Cowtown Society of Western Music and recipient of the 2012 Western Swing Guild Award of Appreciation and the 2014 Academy of Western Artists Award of Appreciation. He was a nominee for the AWA’s 2015 DJ of the Year. His art reflects the same themes–western landscapes, cowboys and critters. Among his most popular paintings are those depicting historic scenes, like Ham Bell’s livery stable in Dodge City. Allen is incredibly proud of serving as Dodge City’s Marshal and treats that duty respectfully. And despite what his Grandpa says, we figure he’s pretty proud of Allen’s accomplishments as well.