Mountain Lion

(Deb) So mountain lions have been caught on tape, seen by people in Nemaha County, Atchison County, Republican County, Stafford County. So, pretty much, all over the state. And in every area surrounding Kansas- Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Colorado they’ve been real prevalent. Now, there was one that was actually wearing a collar that they could monitor that came in western Kansas from Colorado. And they could tell where that cat was staying and how it lived. It’s really interesting because it basically had very little shelter and was able to just stay in the… just stay out of sight along the creek banks and just little ravines, I guess along the way so it was really interesting. Now of course, part of the reason that the cats are moving back into Kansas is because of the population that’s moving into their areas, especially up in South Dakota, a lot being pushed out of South Dakota. The last mountain lion killed in Kansas, prior to this, was 1904 in Ellis County. And of course those big fat cats were hunted like crazy during the 19th century and just in the early part of the 20th century. So, they were gone for a long time, but no doubt that they’re on their way back. So, if you’re out hunting be careful. Parks and Wildlife have actually come up with a pamphlet. They did this in 2004 as the reports were kind of exploding all over the place that people were actually seeing the cats, even though they weren’t verified. So, they came up with a little booklet on basically how to handle it. If you’re an outdoor person and you’re in some of those habitats, might not be a bad idea to check out that little publication. In the meantime, hey if you catch a cat on film we’d love to see it. How about sharing that with us? We’ll be right back.