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(Frank) You realize it’s Wednesday again, and it’s almost the end of April. (Deb) Saying goodbye to April. I cannot believe it. It’s been a very good month for me. I hate to see it go. (Frank) Yea. Oh well, as time flies on, here we are again. Oh, by the way I’m Frank. (Deb) I’m Deb. (Frank) And this is Around Kansas. Hope you knew that when you tuned in. (Deb) Of course they did, because they’re all loyal followers of our show. (Frank) Yes, so anyway, you’ve been traveling all around as usual. (Deb) Yea, yea, I think I’ve got to get some new tires. So anybody with a deal on tires you might give me a call. You know I had a wonderful trip and we’ll do some segments. That’s the side benefit to running around. I don’t know which is the primary purpose, to have fun and then I get to do segments, or to do segments and then I get to have fun. I don’t know which way it goes. But went out to Colorado, eastern Colorado over my birthday weekend and visited Bent’s Old Fort and then the site of Bent’s New Fort and what would have been Fort Wise, which was Jeb Stuart’s last duty station in Kansas territory before he resigned. So, I’m going to do some features on those because of course, as we were taught, that was all part of the Kansas territory. (Frank) Yes, it was. (Deb) So, until we lopped that part off and the Colorado territory was created, that was all part of Kansas and so their history is all so intertwined with our history. You can’t separate it. Of course, we’re going to talk today about Fort Larned and Bent’s Old Fort is in the National Park System, so admission is free for all the National Parks this year, because it is their Centennial Year. (Frank) A hundred years. (Deb) Take advantage of that to visit as many National Parks as you can get in. Of course, we’re blessed in Kansas to have some awesome parks. In addition to Fort Larned, we’ve got Fort Scott, we’ve got Brown v. Board. We’ve got others I hesitate to say, because I will leave somebody out I’m sure, but take advantage of those, the National Grasslands and all those different places. (Frank) Grandpa’s going to scold you here, when you do go and it is free, behave yourself. What I mean is follow the rules and that is, if you’ve got water bottles, or you’re going to have lunch or whatever, make sure you put the trash in a trash can and don’t throw it on the ground. Really, there’s been some problems, and people are just not following the rules. I mean, it’s your land; it’s your park. Take care of it. (Deb) It’s outrageous. You know, one of the things that sets America apart from so many other countries, is the National Park System. A lot of people don’t have that and pause to thank Teddy Roosevelt for putting all that in place and preserving those pieces of wilderness or those pieces of history or geography, whatever those parks might be. Yes, by all means, treat them well. (Frank) Yes. (Deb) Leave them better than you found them for future generations. (Frank) And don’t feed the animals. (Deb) And don’t be animal food. Don’t let them eat you either. Follow the rules. Be smart. Don’t go chasing buffalo for photo ops. Here’s my selfie with the buffalo who is about to gore me in Yellowstone! Yea, that’s… (Frank) So anyway…. (Deb) We’ve got a great show for you today. So stay with us.