(Frank) And we are back again, I am Frank and this is Deb. If this is your
first time watching this, we talk about a lot of people and places around
the state of Kansas that makes it a great place to visit and a great place
to live. There is some interesting history, you know there is everywhere,
but especially in Kansas. Who would have thought a county and a city would
be named the same, but from two different people. (Deb) You can’t make
this stuff up. (Frank) No you really, really can’t and one of those towns
is named Phillipsburg, in Phillips County. (Deb) But not the same
Phillips. (Frank) But not the same Phillips, but let’s not get ahead of
ourselves, lets take a look. Phillipsburg is the county seat of Phillips
County Kansas. Each was named to honor William Phillips, of course. But
William died a martyr for keeping Kansas free and William A., a Civil War
Hero came to be. One died in ‘fifty-six, the other in ‘ninety-three. Both
are honored in North-Central Kansas. Tell me, mathematically, just what
are the chances of finding places named the same with two names as their
source? A township and a county, two heroes to proclaim. It’s interesting
to learn how Kansas played the game. Was the War still going on when they
chose the city’s name? Were there still pro-slavery folks in Kansas? Now
the William who has lent his name to Phillips County, Kansas coldly took
two slavers with him when he died, without remorse. And William A. of
Phillipsburg, though dressed in Yankee blue, was not an abolitionist, a
soldier through and through. A founder of Salina from a State’s Rights
point of view, the lesser of two evils there in Kansas.