Picnic 6

(Frank) We’re back. And I have been chided again about another shirt that I have that looks like a picnic, that would go on the table. And speaking of picnic, we’re gonna take one more look at what happened with the behind the scenes of the filming of Picnic in 1955. It took place in like six different locations, six different towns actually in central Kansas-Hutchinson, Halstead, Salina, Newton. And of course William Holden and Kim Novak were the primary stars in it. But anyway, there was a lot of stuff that went on behind the scenes during the filming. So… (Deb) Don’t you have enough now to write a book now Frank? (Frank) Oh, I do. (Deb) Couldn’t you just put out a book with all the stuff you’ve done? And it’s really cool stuff. (Frank) Yea. (Deb) So really, stay tuned, we’re gonna have a book on Picnic. (Frank) OK, this has been fun of course, bringing you all kinds of interesting trivia about the movie Picnic filmed 60 years ago in and around several towns in the state of Kansas. Insisting on authenticity, director Josh Logan filmed in several Kansas towns including Hutchinson, only 75 miles from Udall the town that was leveled by a tornado days after filming began. It’s gotta look like Kansas and it will if I have to kill every last one of you, Logan said. Anyway, his cast William Holden suffered a leg gash on a railroad signal light, Kim Novak was stung on the hip by a bee underneath her $500 dollar John Louis gown, and Rosalind Russell was bruised from ear lobe to toenail during a wild gamble across a suspension bridge. A local 70 year old spinster saw her film debut cancelled when she broke both legs and several ribs during a fall down an embankment. Filming was interrupted almost daily by hail storms and wailing tornado warnings. The actual picnic was on a muddy fairground at Halstead, Kansas. Cast and crew were half consumed by carnivorous bugs. Phone calls had to be made from old time on crank telephones in Halstead’s Baker Hotel. That’s the way it was in 1955 during the filming of the movie Picnic.