Plaza CineMagic Experience

(Frank) And again we’re back. You know there are a lot of really just great places all over the state of Kansas and some that are rather famous. There’s the Fox Theatre in Newton. (Deb) Right. (Frank) Which has been restored and they show the movie, “Picnic” there I believe on some occasions. And another movie theatre is actually the oldest continuously running movie theatre in the United States. There’s only one older and it’s in Europe. I believe it’s in Denmark. And so we’re gonna tell you a story about the theatre. It’s in Ottawa, Kansas, and they call it the “CineMagic” experience when you’re there. You can have dinner and a movie all in one place. (Deb) Awesome. (Frank) It’s very interesting. The theatre actually opened in 1907. It was refurbished in 1996 and it’s kind of ongoing. But I’m not gonna tell you the whole story now, cause then why would you want to stay tuned? (Deb) You know I think my friend Deb Barker worked on that project didn’t she? (Frank) Really? (Deb) She’s head of the… let me get this right…the Historical Society there in Ottawa. And I think she was one of the ones that worked on the documentation for that to prove that it really was the oldest and did some really difficult research. Because anybody can claim anything, but you have to to be able to document it. And I think Deb is the one who worked on that. (Frank) Yea, and it is on the Historic Register so they can put some modern accoutrements in it, but basically it kind of stays the way it was. (Deb) Awesome, let’s take a look. (Frank) We have been talking to you about some of the opera houses around the state of Kansas and some of them have been restored and some are in the process of being restored. But today I am going to talk to you about a movie theatre and the reason is because it is the oldest continuously operated movie theatre in the United States, perhaps the world. It is in Ottawa Kansas. It’s called the Plaza CineMagic Experience. The theatre has undergone extensive renovation and was restored to its original historic character – except with up-to-date sound, projection and seating. The theatre museum is open during the day and first run movies play in the evening. The theatre was opened in 1905 showing “The Great Train Robbery” and “The Great Bank Robbery,” of course two of the first movies ever made too.The theatre opened two years before a theatre in Denmark it opened in 1907. Therefore, it could be the oldest operating movie theatre in the world maybe, but it is the oldest continually operated movie theatre in America! The theatre also features the Plaza Grill that was part of the theatre from since 1907. And the grill of course has been updated I hear it has really good food, so you can do dinner and show all in one place. Also it is planned for the Plaza CineMagic Experience to have an ornate ticket booth with a talking mannequin to issue tickets – plus display of costumes worn in the movies by the stars that wore them, so there is a museum there, the theatre is operating and of course you can have dinner at the Plaza Grill. A unique experience – The Plaza CineMagic Experience in Ottawa. More fun Around Kansas!