Poem by Ron Wilson “The Code Of The West”

(Frank) (Ron Wilson) Howdy, folks. I’m Ron Wilson, Poet Lariat. In the days of the Old West, the cowboys lived by a code, an unspoken set of rules that we called the Code of the West. Cowboys lived by what we called the Code of the West, which is drawn from America’s Westward Quest. This code isn’t written down in the book of laws but it’s taken from the daily life he draws. These are values, which the cowboy strives to live by in the many ways that they might apply. For example, it means taking pride in our work and finishing a job we will not shirk. It means being tough but fair to always keep our word and to be a good steward of the land and the herd. It means having the courage to take a stand and being loyal when we ride for the brand. To take good care of our tack and our steeds. To put our animal’s care first above our own needs. To be independent and not run from a fight. In short, to always stand up for what’s right. Our nation would be better, I will attest, if we all would follow the Code of the West. Happy Trails.