KS Music Hall of Fame

(Frank) Today on Around Kansas it is all About Kansas Musicians and
the Music that helped put Kansas on the map. Deb Bisel is at Liberty
Hall in Lawrence where we get an overview of who as inducted this year’s
Kansas Music Hall of Fame and hear from several of those musicians who
accepted the awards on behalf of their groups.
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(Deb) Welcome to Around Kansas, at Liberty Hall and the 2014 Kansas Music Hall of Fame Awards and with me is Allen Blasco, who is one of the founding members of the Board of the Kansas Music Hall of Fame. And Alan this is going to be a phenomenal show. (Allen) Yes, I believe it is. (Deb) What a night. Now do you want to talk about some of the folks that are being inducted tonight? (Allen) Sure. Ed Down, who was head of Audio House, is the Director’s Award this year. He was a very famous recording engineer, right here in Lawrence, Kansas. Cliff (Rock-n-Daddy) Major from Wichita is being inducted. A group from Kansas City called Glow who is offered by AC/DC’s manager to be managed, when they played at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Europe. Beast who unfortunately won’t be playing tonight. But they are a wonderful band. Sanctuary, featuring Eric Bikalus and Denny Lowan of the fabulous Flippers. Eric has been the stage, band manager Sorry that would be the.. (Deb) We can edit. (Allen) It has been a long day. (Deb) We can edit. (Allen) Eric has been the band leader for Neil Sedaka for years and he played with the Pointer Sisters, Mike Post and a host of others. He was a session player out in Los Angeles. And in the second half, we are
honoring the Wichita Linemen from Wichita. Jimmy Dee and the fabulous Destinations from Hays, Kansas, a great oldies act that have been going strong for 40 years. Donnie and Diane from Arkansas City, the Bob Hapgood award winner. And the Bontons, solo accordion band, for the first time in 13 years will be back together from Kansas CIty. And also Mr. Junior Brown.
(Deb) What an exciting lineup. Let’s talk for a couple of minutes about
when and why the Kansas Music Hall of Fame was founded. (Allen) Well, we were founded to honor the great talent that has come out of this state and to give them the recognition they deserve. There are lots of state music hall of fames around and we got this started in 2004 and we have had shows every year since. And we hope to be doing shows for the foreseeable future.
(Deb) Now, people who are interested in joining and becoming members of the Kansas Music Hall of Fame can simply join and then they get to visit and vote on who they would like to see honored? (Allen) Yes, they do. We’re one of the few state hall of fames that actually let’s the membership vote on who’s going to get inducted. We give the membership a voice, so voice your choice. (Deb)That’s wonderful. So, you can find the website at what?
(Allen) Yes, ksmusichalloffame.org. (Deb) And you will find all the
membership information on there and it’s a small fee? What $35 bucks or
something? (Allen) Something like that. (Deb) Yeah and well worth it. And then this show every year is just incredible. (Allen) Well we always have a good time doing it and we are looking forward to another great show tonight. (Deb) You know I have always talked about the talent that has come out of Kansas, in politics and in the military. You know Kansas has one percent of the U.S. population… (Allen) Really? (Deb) And our biggest export is not wheat, it’s talent and across the board. So, just an
incredible array and we are thrilled to be here tonight and looking forward to some great talent. (Alan) We are looking forward to doing it and thank you so much. (Deb) Thank you Alan. We’ll be right back with more of Around Kansas.
(Deb) Welcome back to Around Kansas. We’re with Donnie and Diane who have been inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame tonight fresh from Ark City, Kansas and welcome and congratulations. Great to have you. (Male) This has been a great evening. We’ve had a blast. (Female) It’s been lots of fun. It’s been a real experience. (Deb) So you’re brother and sister from Ark City and when did you start singing together? (Male) Diane’s first recording session when she was fifteen years old, had to stand on a milk carton to reach the microphone. So what are you guys doing now? (Male) Diane and her husband own a wonderful music store in Arkansas City, Spark’s Music. I’m a retired school teacher. I did travel playing professionally with a  band out of Dallas, Texas and our manager was in New York City, so we played on the east coast a lot, but when my children got old enough to start school, I couldn’t stand to be away from them, so I came back home and resumed my teaching career and coaching. I was a coach, but we still like to play, but this is the first night in forty years that I’ve got my sister on the stage to sing with me. (Female) I quit when I was pregnant with my daughter and my husband and I were busy with our music store, so I just totally walked away, so has definitely been a good experience for me from the last forty years and we’ve had a lot of fun tonight. (Deb) Well you guys should hit the road again. It was fantastic and who’s the kid you’ve got playing guitar? (Male) His name is Caleb Johnston from Grainola, Oklahoma. (Deb) Holy cow! (Male) Wonderful family. Father’s a rancher; he’s a senior at OSU and he’s about to graduate this year. (Deb) Oh, man, he’s fantastic. We’ll be inducting him into the Hall of Fame sometime. (Male)
Well thank you. I was his guitar teacher. (Deb) You done good. (Male) And when we got better than me, I hired him. (Deb) You done good, you’ve done great. Well congratulations again and thanks for joining us. (Male) Well thank you for having us. Nice to meet you. (Deb) Nice to meet you too.
We’ll be right back with more of Around Kansas.
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(Deb) Welcome to Around Kansas, I am Deb Bisel your co-host and with me is Phillip Lincoln Smith and we are in the historic Liberty Hall or Red Dog Inn, as it was known in the day. (Phillip) Yep, back in the day. (Deb)
Getting ready for the inductions for the Kansas Music Hall of Fame. And you guys are performing tonight. (Phillip) Yes. (Deb) For? (Phillip) Well, this is basically a tribute to band that some of us were in called Glow, that
was kind of a big deal in Kansas City in the 80’s mostly. And tonight we
have Greg Greenleaf who flew down from Boise, Idaho cause he was in the 1982 lineup to play guitar. And we have Paul Davis who is in the group that is being honored tonight on bass and on keyboards we have a a guy named Rick Deasley who worked with the main guitar player Brian s up until his recent demise and also Chip Lewis is coming in to help me out with the drums and some backup vocals on one tune. And he worked some of the guys, the original guys, which were John Kessler, and Steward Strawn and a guy named Ken Orpal. Those were the guys I met back in the 70’s and that became Glow once we added Brian Milam and Paul Davis. (Deb) So, is this your first induction into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame? (Phillip) Yes, I am following my big brother Dan who was inducted a couple of years ago with River Rock.
(Deb) River Rock, phenomenal performance, that was just such a great great performance.  (Deb) Well, Phillip welcome back to Kansas. (Phillip) And I can go back to L.A. where it is warm. (Deb) That’s right. (Phillip)I’m freezing. (Deb) Stay tuned. for More of Around Kansas. (Phillip) Thanks.
(Deb) Welcome to Around Kansas and we are here with members of the
BonTons who are being inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame
tonight. Hello. (BT) Hello, how are you doing? (Deb) Good. (Willie) Hello,
how are you doing? (Deb) And all the way from LA? (Scooter) Hello Lawrence.
(Deb) Scooter. (Scooter) Scooter Powell. (Deb) All right, how long have you guys been playing together? (BT1) We haven’t played together now in about 13 years, but me and Willie played together about 15 years together. And Scooter left to go do the big time. But we played, the band has been
together about 20 years approximately. (Deb) So Scooter, tell me about L.A.
What are you doing out there? (Scooter) Just working with different people, doing a lot of teaching and a lot of traveling. Then when Oscar called me about this I am like, “I’m here!” (Deb) All right. Now Will, where do you live? How far did you have to travel for this? (Will) I live by the Legends in K.C.K. so by the race track, it’s not too bad. (Deb) Wonderful, so tell me about what it means for you guys to be inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame? (Will) It’s a great honor, and couldn’t be better with these guys. These guys are some of the best guys. The most dependable guy you ever want to meet, this guy right here. And one of the best drummers in the world right here. (…) Thank you Willie. (Deb) All right. (Willie) So I am lucky to be here. (Deb) Now, accordion band? You know, there’s just not a lot of accordion bands. (BT1) Down south in Louisiana with a lot of Cajun bands… Zydaco. We’ve got the leader of the group started it off with just him and an accordion. (Scooter) Oh here he is right here. (BT1) And here he is right here. (Deb) All right, come on. (Willie) This is Richard right here, this is the guy. (Deb) Hi Richard. (Richard) Hello. (Deb) And Richard, accordion… wow! (Richard) No kidding. (Deb) So you started out with an accordion and what else? (Richard) My Mommy and Daddy made me play the accordion when I was 10 years old. (Deb) And that… (Richard) I was very embarrassed about it. (Deb) And that wasn’t like cruel or anything at the time? (Richard) But now unfortunately they’ve both passed away, and I can’t thank them enough. (Deb) Oh wonderful, wonderful… Well congratulations for the induction. (Richard) Thank you. (Deb) Great to be with you all. Stay tuned for more of Around Kansas.
(Deb) Welcome back to Around Kansas. We’re with the Kansas Music Hall of Fame Inductions at Liberty Hall, downtown Lawrence, Kansas. With me is Jimmy Dee and Jimmy Dee and Fabulous Destinations. What a fantastic show.
My gosh, how long have you guys been doing that? (Male) We’ve been doing this for almost forty years. (Deb) Well you’ve done so well and are you guys still performing together? (Male) We are still performing. We do about twenty-six, twenty to twenty-six shows a year and, you know, western Kansas, we’re really well-known out there, so you know, we draw big crowds. In fact, last year, on this particular day, March 2nd is when this was last year, we played a dance for a kid who had a liver transplant. We raised fourteen thousand dollars. We packed the house out there in Hays and, so, we’re really proud of that. We were, of course, very proud of this. (Deb) Well what an honor to be inducted alongside some really incredible talent.
(Male) You’re right. When you mention the Blue Things and the Fabulous
Flippers, you know, you’ve got the best. There’s no doubt. (Deb) Well
legends in your neck of the woods and all over Kansas and the Midwest for
sure and now you’re right there with them. (Male) Our slogan was legends in our spare time! But I do give the fans and, of course, the musicians
and the former inductees, we all kind of get together to try to make this a
really, really neat Hall of Fame where all Kansans could be very happy.
(Deb) I was just saying to somebody else, I think our best export is talent
across the board, I mean, it’s incredible. We’ve got one percent of U.S.
population, look at what we give the world. (Male) I think you’re right.
(Deb) Amazing. Jimmy Dee, congratulations. Thanks for joining us. (Male) Thank you so much and thank you people. (Deb) We’ll be right back with more of Around Kansas.
(Deb) Welcome back to around Kansas. I’m with Robin Harris of the Wichita Linemen who were inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame tonight. It’s a rockin’ night! (Male) We’re having fun, let me tell you! (Deb) You made a wonderful acceptance speech on behalf of the band. (Male) Well thanks. I could have stood up there and talked forever. It is hard to talk about thirty years of playing in five or ten minutes. (Deb) Just give our viewers out there, and I know a lot of our viewers are Wichita Linemen fans, but just give us the highlights of those thirty years. (Male) I tell you, we started off as a DJ band. We had two disc jockeys who actually wanted to put a band together and go out and play weekends. We were promoted through KFDI radio station. So that is how we got started. And we did a lot of shows for KFDI, their Anniversary parties; their Listener Appreciation shows; we did remotes. We worked about forty jobs a year with them. And then we’d go out and do our own shows. And in that thirty years that we played, probably fifteen to eighteen of those years we were doing over 200 dances a year and we were going everywhere and doing everything, and having a blast. (Deb) Well, a well deserved honor, induction into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame, congratulations. (Male) thank you, Deb. I appreciate it. We had a blast. It is an honor to get to talk to you. (Deb) The fans had a blast too and we’ll be right back with more of Around Kansas.
 (Deb) Welcome to Around Kansas. I’m Deb Bisel and I couldn’t be more
excited than to have Eric Bikales on the show today.  Okay, you’re being
inducted tonight in the Kansas Music Hall of Fame with the band Sanctuary, so tell us a little bit about that band. (Male) Oh, it’s no big deal.
They’re just the best band I’ve ever been with. (Deb) Pretty darn good.
(Male) I ran into a guy named Denis Lohen and Roger Gruner and this is
right when I had quit KU, so I was kind of looking for something to do and
Denis was the leader and mastermind behind the Fabulous Flippers, so it was a great honor to be able to play with him because I really looked up to
that band and, so I did some playing with them and then I persuaded them to hear the drummer that I’ve always played with all these years. they decided to take both of us and we had a couple of weeks to put the band together and we were on the road and I think we were together for two or three years and had a pretty large following all over the Midwest. (Deb) And still do.
(Male) And apparently we still do. (Deb) Apparently you still do, right. So
do you guy’s keep-in-touch? (Male) Particularly my drummer, Norman
Weinberg, who is the head of the Percussion Department at the University of Arizona Tucson, he and I have kept-in-touch through the years because we were best friends even before Sanctuary and the other two guys, Denis and Roger, I’ve seen them like once in the last decade, but we haven’t played together in, I hate to admit this, forty years. (Deb) So this is a great reunion. (Male) It’s amazing. I mean when we started rehearsing for this,
it was like we picked up right where we left off. (Deb) Oh, that’s
wonderful. So what does it mean to you to be back in Kansas? (Male) Well I love being here. I mean this is really my home, so it’s special and I have
so many friends who still live here, family who’s still here. It’s just
great to come back and connect up with everybody again. I’m really enjoying it. (Deb) Well we’re so glad you did.
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