Revenge of the Farmall

(Ron) My Dad bought a tractor, used, way back in 1958. It was a Farmall Super H, which he thought was great. Yet it wasn’t big or fancy, had no roll bar, cab, or radio. No three-point hitch or power steering for turning it just so. He had more modern, bigger tractors in the ensuing years, but he always kept the old Farmall around the place here. Decades later when we moved back to the place, I drove the Farmall but felt that it should be replaced. We went to Kan-Equip and bought a brand new tractor with all the tools and features which you might think would be a factor. It had a front end loader and a great hydraulic system with so many wonderful features that I had never missed `em. When there was work to do, I’d pick the new tractor instead, and leave the old Farmall parked back out in the shed. One wintry day, I had to take a load across the meadow. I fired up the brand new tractor and drove across the snow. When suddenly the tractor’s front end went down with a whack, into a snow-filled ditch. I couldn’t go forward or back. The new tractor had front wheel assist, but it was in too deep, tires spinning on the slippery snow where the angle was so steep. I tried to rock it, but there was no such luck. Thanks to my bad judgment, the new tractor had gotten stuck. I considered my options as I trudged back with sinking heart, and decided to see if that old ignored Farmall would even start. To my surprise, the engine caught, with a growl and then a shout. We drove across the meadow and pulled that brand new tractor out. It must have been a funny sight to see this curious trip, like watching a Model T help out a new spaceship. Now things are back to normal. When there’s a tractor to be used, I choose the brand new tractor because of all that it can do. But Dad was right, and just because his thinking was so sound, I’ll embrace the new technology – but I’ll keep the old Farmall around. Happy Trails.