Ron Wilson Bargain Poem

(Ron) Being thrifty is a virtue. My kids might say that I’m cheap, but of course that all depends on what the Cowboy wants to spend money on. This poem is entitled The Bargain. My wife and I went to the big city sometime back. I stopped by the western store to price some tools and
tack. I need another pitchfork. But I sure said, No dice. When I saw they were charging an $18 price. That’s way too much I said, and we went on down the road, cause I thought I’d find a bargain in an ad the paper showed. Our farm paper advertised a used tool and equipment sale, where I figured I could get a bargain without fail. It was part of an auction scheduled on a Saturday soon. The equipment sold in the morning and the horse sale was at noon. So I bid on a pitch fork when we went over to the sale, and got it for $8 bucks, less than half the price retail. I was proud of myself and my wise and thrifty ways, when that auction entered into its next and final phase. The horse sale had begun and the very next thing, the most beautiful quarter horse was led into the ring. A gorgeous 15 hand gelding, his color was bay, with great breeding lines registered by HQHA. The owner gave a glowing talk about his many strengths. To have that horse I realized, I’d go to any lengths. So in spite of my wife a whispering in my ear, I raised my hand and caught the attention of the auctioneer. And then before I hardly realized just what I did, I ran her up and finally got the winning bid. I put that horse in the trailer and we drove to the home place. I didn’t like the look upon my dear wife’s face. I could tell I was seriously on my wife’s bad list. I finally said, Hon, I’m sorry. I just could not resist. I knew she was suffering buyer’s remorse, from the $4,000 dollars I’d spent on that horse. I said, I guess I’m sorry for the way I behaved, but don’t forget that pitch fork and the $10 dollars that we saved. Well it took a while, but my wife has finally forgiven me. She says I am a poster child for false economy. Happy Trails.