Ron Wilson “Kansas Day”

(Ron) Howdy, I’m Ron Wilson, Poet Lariat. The state of Kansas has great western heritage, going back to the days where the Texas drovers were moving cattle north and their entire goal was to get to Kansas. So this poem is in honor of “Kansas Day.” In Kansas, early pioneers came west to build a state. Now, we look back through all the years to pause and celebrate. Our native tribes were first we saw to bring us early fame. The Kansa Indians, known as Kaw gave us our very name. Then cowboys drove wild cattle north to meet the Kansas rails. And brave explorers ventured forth to blaze the westward trails. Brave men and women joined the quest in search of visions grand. Their destiny made manifest was found in Kansas land. Then forts and farms and towns were built, with home and school and church. As bleeding Kansas, blood was spilt in freedom’s vital search. Amelia Earhart was born to fly, our state spawned aviation, became an energy supply and bread basket of the nation. Dwight Eisenhower and Bob Dole took up the call to serve. Our soldier’s still fulfill that role, our values to preserve. The spirit of the pioneer still lives on in our days. In caring for our neighbors here and research for new ways. So in this time of Kansas Day, we thank those pioneers and ask for strength to guide our way, to our time’s new frontiers. Happy trails.