Ron Wilson “Livestock Judge”

(Ron) When I was in 4-H and FFA, one of my very favorite experiences was the livestock judging. And we did a lot and we had success. We managed to win the state contest in 4-H and went to internationals. So now, I go to county fairs and the big livestock shows and I’m very interested to watch the guy in the center of the ring. This poem is entitled, The Livestock Judge. He’s in the center of the ring. All eyes upon him to see if he’ll choose based on facts or a whim. He’s the Livestock Judge, who’s come to judge our show. As a livestock production builds to a crescendo. There’s a flurry as the animals come into the ring. And the judge waits patiently to take in everything. Each animal and showman gets his careful attention. As the judge evaluates every key dimension. He gets a side and a rear view, watching them as they pass. Preparing a ranking for the ones in each class. He may handle the animal or ask the kid questions. While giving his helpful ring man directions. He’ll look back and forth. He’ll study and wait, as he considers the various animals’ traits. Then he makes his decision and asks for the mike. As the breathless crowd waits for the results to strike. He praises the showman, asks the crowd for applause, describes each animals strengths and their flaws. Then the moment has come, all eyes focus here. As the judge gives a slap on the grand champion steer. But what’s the real purpose of a big livestock show? It’s improving our livestock and helping them grow. It’s helping young stockmen set goals for which to yearn, and teaches them the life lessons they learn. For livestock showing these praises we sing. With thanks to the judge in the center of the ring. Happy Trails.