Ron Wilson “Livestock Trailor”

(Ron) One of the key pieces of equipment which a cowboy uses in modern times is the livestock trailer. This poem is a tribute to the livestock trailer. I wrote this poem on the back of a sale barn receipt while I was sitting in line at the sale barn getting ready to unload cattle. It’s called Hitch Me Up! There’re red ones and blue ones, silver and gray, some are splattered with manure, some are leaking hay. Some are dark or muddy, some are clean and white. There’s Titans and TravAlongs, Sooner and Featherlites. There’s Trailman and Roughneck, CM and Diamond C. And some of them look downright homemade to me. Most have gooseneck attachments, but some are bumper-pull. Some have a big dent from carrying a bull. Some are riding low from carrying heavy loads. Some look like they’ve banged down too many gravel roads. Some need a paint job, some are coated with dust. Some look like antiques but are nothing but rust. They’re used to haul cattle or horses or hay and they’re going to and from pastures at different times of the year. During County Fair they’re hauling in the show steer. There might even be a time in your child’s search for knowledge that the trailer is cleaned up to haul your kid’s stuff to college. So we salute the livestock trailer, in fact we might say, its a vital support for the cowboy, it’s behind him all the way. Happy trails.