Ron Wilson Poem Barns are Beautiful

((Ron) There is a group called the Kansas Barn Alliance, which promotes and preserves barns as a vital part of the rural lifestyle of Kansas. This poem is entitled “Barns are Beautiful”. I think a barn is a beautiful thing, surrounded by grass in the early spring. It’s a place of shade to store some hay, with stanchions for milking cows along the way. Or perhaps a tack room or stalls of course, where you can stable a cow or a horse. Or maybe its converted to some modern use, which a rural landowner will come to choose. It may have a gable or gambrel roof to maintain, topped off by a cupola or a weather vane. It may be built of stone or old wood, but it brings back memories of when times were good. It’s a symbol of our nation’s rural legacy. A part of our landscape for all to see. And when you’ve worked hard on the range and you’re all in, just waitin’ for the work day to come to an end, it’s sweet to hear those words when the boss says, “Oh, darn. I guess it’s quittin’ time. Let’s go to the barn.” Happy Trails.