Ron Wilson the legend of Buffalo Bill

(Ron) William F. Cody earned the nickname Buffalo Bill and he had roots in Kansas. He lived in northeast Kansas as a boy. He was a Pony Express rider, went on to be an Indian scout. He created a Wild West Show that toured the globe. And out west of Oakley, Kansas, there’s a big, big statue which commemorates how Buffalo Bill got his name. This poem is entitled, The Legend of Buffalo Bill. In the late 1860s as the railroad built west, as part of our nation’s destiny made manifest. All those railroad workers needed to eat and the obvious solution was buffalo meat. William F. Cody hired on with the railroad then, to hunt buffalo to provide meat for the men. His shooting demonstrated such excellent skills, his friends started calling him Buffalo Bill. But then they found another man using that name, you can’t have two men called the same. So they made a bet, as cowboys do to see who’s claim to the name was true. They had a hunt to see how many buffalo each could shoot. The one who got the most would win the dispute. They rode west of Oakley and started to hunt, the day ended with William F. Cody in front. The other fellow got 46 which was fine, but William F. Cody shot 69. He won that contest and much, much more, and would be Buffalo Bill Cody forever more. He formed a Wild West Show and toured the globe, with wild cowboys and Indians and buffalo rodeos. He had Annie Oakley a sharp shooter like they’d never seen, they performed for the president and even the Queen. Now a monument stands on Oakley’s west side, showing Buffalo Bill on his famous hunting ride. For a history of the west he is riding there still, the legendary showman known as Buffalo Bill. Happy Trails.