Ron Wilson “The Perfect Name”

(Ron) Years ago there was a cartoonist named Gary Larson who wrote cartoons, some of which featured cows talking to each other. And it made for a funny cartoon because you wonder what animals would say to each other. This poem is entitled, “The Perfect Name.” Three new horses were talking over the pasture fence. They thought they’d get acquainted so their grazing could commence. “What’s your name?” They asked the first horse. And he swelled up with pride. “My owner calls me Champion, when we go out to ride.” They turned to the second horse and said, “So what’s your name?” Just as the first horse swelled with pride, the second did the same. “I got a cool name when I was just a colt. You see my owner always calls me Thunderbolt.” Then the other two turned to the final horse and they asked for him to tell his name of course. “Well I’m not exactly sure,” the other horse finally said. “From what I hear I think it’s ‘Whoa, you stupid Knucklehead.’ ” Happy Trails.