Stories of the Underground Railroad

(Frank) And here we are again. Here we are already, this is our first weekend of 2017. Can you imagine? (Deb) No. Nope. Don’t have my brain wrapped around it yet. Except for the to do list. I still have the to do list left over from 2016. It’s not done. (Frank) Well the fun thing is depending on what check writing program you use, at least it automatically puts 2017 on your checks. (Deb) Because I can’t keep up the dates to save my life. As everybody who knows me knows, I can’t keep up deadlines. And it’s not that I don’t know, it’s like I can’t remember like, “Okay. We’ve got to do this on Tuesday”. But then I can wake up Tuesday and not realize that today is Tuesday. I’m just challenged Frank, that’s just all there is to it. I’m just challenged. Just that little glitch. Fortunately, there are people out there doing good work who are not as challenged as I am, and we want to give a shout out to Richard Pitts. Beautiful documentary and we’ve been very involved in documentary work so I really appreciate that good work when I see it, On the Underground Railroad. And this is produced by the K-State, the Department of Education. I may not have that wording quite right but we’ll get it right on the screen. And I think you could download this for free. Free is good Frank. Free is really good. And when you get this kind of quality for free, this is a great country I’m telling you what, it really is. So this is a beautiful, beautiful documentary, happy to share this trailer with you.[MUSIC] (Brad Burenheide) To collect all these stories and provide that narrative of what the Underground Railroad is about, that’s something that needs to be done so that we can honor those people that did this great thing. And that’s a great benefit of the story, the fact that it shows that as human beings we’re capable of doing the right thing. (Michael Stubbs) It’s the point of recognizing a wrong and trying to right it. We’re human beings and we all have a sense of right and wrong and that sense of justice, and I think the Underground Railroad story is a story of justice. (Madge McDonald) It means a lot to me to know that my family was so involved and so dedicated to this. I ask children when they come in, do you know about the Underground Railroad? And I’m finding that most cases during Black History Month, they learn about the Underground Railroad and a lot of children are very interested in what I have and I think it’s something that children should be taught. (Brad) The struggle for freedom in the United States that our founding fathers and mothers articulated, it’s never over, and I think young people need to know how far we’ve come. (Richard Pitts) Whenever anything significant has happened, it always took a diverse group of people to make it happen. It never was just one race. And good examples leads to great behavior. Bad examples do the opposite.