The 64th Annual Eskridge Labor Day Rodeo

(Frank) And we’re back again. (Deb) We’re going to the Flint Hills today. We gave you all the educational thing last week. I hope you took notes and were paying attention where not all of Kansas is the Flint Hills, but the gorgeous peaks of it is, and we’re going to a beautiful town in Flint Hills today, Eskridge. (Frank) I don’t think there’s a song about Eskridge. There probably should be, because I can say it’s kind of the Gateway to the Flint Hills…Scenic Byway. (Deb) Yes, the Scenic Byway is through there, and Eskridge of course is a really pretty little town, and I’ve got a Rodeo coming up, and of course the Rodeo — I’ve been fortunate to attend several Rodeos around Kansas this year. The talent is amazing, absolutely amazing, you will be blown away. If you haven’t been to a rodeo, if you’re a hardcore fan, I know you’re going to be there anyway, but if you haven’t been, it’s a great time to go see Flint Hills and take in the Rodeo, and take your kids. Great little family atmosphere, so it will be a lot of fun. We’ll see you at the Rodeo in Eskridge. (Frank) Ye Haw! If you love the sights, sounds and smells of a Rodeo, stop what you’re doing and mark your calendar right now for the upcoming 64th Annual Eskridge Labor Day Rodeo on Saturday, September 3rd and Sunday, September 4th. Both nights start at 7PM in the Eskridge Rodeo Arena! This is entertainment for your whole family, so plan now on making a day trip on the 3rd and 4th of September, the weekend of Labor Day, to Eskridge, Kansas. You and your whole family will NOT be disappointed! Sanctioned by the URA and MRCA, the Eskridge Rodeo is provided with stock by the C. R. McKellips Rodeo Company. The Rodeo will feature bareback and saddle bronc riding, steer muggin’, calf roping, Cowgirl’s barrel racing and breakaway roping – and everybody’s favorite – bull riding! Advance tickets are available at Rush-In Convenience Store and the Eskridge Market. Adult tickets are $10; children 6 to 12 are $7 and kids 5 and under are free! No matter where you are in Kansas, Eskridge is easy to get to! It’s in Wabaunsee County along the Native Stone Scenic Byway on Highway K-4, south of I-70. Founded in 1869, the town is rich in history and prides itself as being the Gateway to the Flint Hills. So grab your boots and Cowboy hat and map out your route to Eskridge for the 64th Annual Labor Day Rodeo on Saturday September 3rd and Sunday September 4th. C’mon now, let’s Rodeo!