The Date

(Ron) We have all kinds of relationships in our daily lives. This poem I wrote is titled, “The Date.” She looked forward to the date when her boy would come to call, but the time moved oh so slowly, the hours seemed to crawl. That day she had a thorough bath, as many females do. Her cleanser of choice was the mane and tail shampoo. Her hair was brushed repeatedly so as to be pleasing to the sight. Her shoes were checked carefully to make certain they were right. She sprayed all over before she went out with her fellow, but the smell of this perfume was kind of like citronella. She had her outfit on, and boy it sure looked right. She had a healthy glow and her stockings were pure white. The hour was finally here, the young man came that day, with a flake of alfalfa as a sort of a bouquet. The boy was very happy, his heart was light as a feather. She also was happy and the two went together. The two of them went out for a pleasant summer ride, on a pretty August evening through the Kansas countryside. And when the happy evening had come to an end, the young man said, I can’t wait to go out again. It’s an example of the social life out on the ranch of course, and a night out together for the cowboy and his horse. Happy Trails.


  1. Deitnfiely LINSPIRING post! His story should keep anyone on clinging to that hope. Lin never made it to showcase his ability not until he was about to lose a good contract. This is how his limits were tested. And now, the world has seen how a great basketball player he is. Setbacks are there to make us work harder and pursue our dreams even better!

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