The Trip

(Ron) So many families take these big family trips where the kids all pile into the car, Mom and Dad drive and they get out of the driveway before the kids say, “Are we there yet?” Well, there’s also the issue of coming home to the ranch. This poem I wrote based on a true story. It’s titled, “My Vocation Affects my Vacation.” or, “The Trip.” We’re all driving home from a nice family trip, dog tired but happy with smiles on our lips. We’d been driving for hours on the big highway, and we thankfully turned onto the ranch driveway. We were all looking forward to the end of the ride, when suddenly signs of concern that I spied. It’s not what I wanted for my welcome back, cause alongside the road, I could see some cow tracks. And by the road was manure as I looked about and I knew what it meant – the cows had got out. What a lousy welcome home to receive. While I was trying to get home, the cows were trying to leave. Instead of relaxing to unpack and unwind, we had all the cows to hurry and find. The horses were still in the corral at least, so we saddled up quickly to track down the beasts. It was easy to follow the tracks on their way to the neighbors where they got into his hay. They tromped through his garden, got into his shed and ate the alfalfa stored there to be fed. So we rounded them up and drove them back home and into a pen where they no longer roam. Then we rode around the perimeter fence and we found the spot where those maverick cows went. A tree had blown down on the wire while we’re gone, and let the cows loose, so that they could go on. So we gathered our tools and got the fence mended and went home thankful this long day had ended. I complained to my wife about this turn of events from vacation to having to chase cows and fix fence. I said, “It’s unfair the cows caused this extra work to do.” She just smiled and said, “I guess the cows wanted a trip too.” Happy Trails.