Ways to Celebrate Kansas Day

(Deb) Welcome back and talking about Kansas Day, we wanted to give you plenty of time to find out what kind of celebration was going on in your neighborhood. And if you don’t have anything going on for Kansas Day, start a party or you could come to Topeka. Kansas State Historical Society has lots of kids activities going on. We’re gonna take a look at some of those. We’re gonna take a look at some of things that are going on. You know in a former life, we used to have Kansas Day parties. And we would have people just come as their favorite Kansas characters. And of course, the people I know, a lot of Missourians, we would invite people to come dressed as their favorite character from the border war, like you were talking about. So, one of our friends from Osceola, Missouri, comes over and he’s portraying Quantrill. And so, he comes to our door and he’s wearing a blue coat and we’re like, a Union soldier? And I’m like, what is up with this? And he said, how do you think I got across the border and he rips it off and he’s got this red gorilla shirt, like Quantrill’s guys would have worn underneath it. Those were the best parties. Rod Beemer would come as Buffalo Bill and his wife came as Carrie Nation. And we had Amelia Earhart and we had just all kinds of wonderful characters. Jim Lane, Tim Ruis as Jim Lane and yea, it was a great time. (Frank) Yea, I lived in Lawrence for a time and we had a home in Old West Lawrence and in Old West Lawrence, if you ever have time, go walk around because there are stone markers where various citizens were killed. (Deb) Right. (Frank) The house that was a block over from us, the front door of that house still had a musket ball in the door. I don’t know if it’s still there or not. (Deb) And if you go to the Visitor Center in Lawrence, the old train depot, they have a map, a walking tour of Quantrill’s raid there in the Visitor Center. So, you can pick one of those up and you can do exactly what you’re talking about you can follow the trek. I do tours for Benedictine College and I did the staff ride for Plan and General Staff College on the Lawrence Raid. So, there’s a lot of ways to learn about that unique piece of history. And as you’re marking Kansas Day, it’s just another thing to remember about how interesting it was. (Frank) You know I had a thought too we ought to have a General Grant Party. (Deb) Yes. (Frank) And we have cigars and whiskey for everyone. (Deb) Randy Durbin. (Frank) There you go. (Deb) Randy, yes. We’re calling you. January 29 marks the 155th anniversary of Kansas statehood. There are activities all over the state so check locally to see what is happening with your community or historic site. I am looking forward to spending the day in Oakley, but will miss the goings on in Topeka that day! On Kansas Day, admission is free to the Kansas State Historical Society’s Museum, and there are tons of hands on activities perfect for the kids to experience days long past, and just past! Besides activities, there are performances by Storyteller Joyce Slater and the Standing Bear Intertribal Gourd Society. Joyce’s presentation, Plain Eating, will explore the foods brought to Kansas by pioneering settlers and talk about the ones they had to leave behind. A nationally recognized and award-winning storyteller, she has been sharing stories for more than 25 years. The American Indian traditions will be shared by the Standing Bear Intertribal Gourd Society. They perform for schools, scout groups, veteran’s organizations and others to share and keep alive the culture. Events run from 9 to 3 and the Museum asks you to visit their website and register if you have ten or more in your group. Happy Kansas Day!